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Four of the Creepiest Places on the Planet

Sedlec Ossuary

It matters not whether you believe in ghosts or laugh at those who cringe frightfully every time they hear an unfamiliar noise or it gets dark. Our planet contains ghostly and cursed places, capable of terrifying even the biggest skeptics. They are so sinister and horrifying, places of such tragedies, that they are no doubt inhabited by ghosts.

Aokigahara Forest

Aokigahara forest is located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Even though it is known for its scenic environment, we don't recommend taking a walk there, for you might end up tripping over a corpse. Based on official data, since 1950 more than 500 people have gone to Aokigahara forest to put an end to their life by hanging themselves from the ancient trees.

The number of suicides grew so high that in 1970 authorities organized an annual body search in the forest. In 2002 alone, the remains of 78 people were uncovered from Aokigahara but many still remain undiscovered.

Winchester Mystery House

House of Horror

The mysterious home of the Winchester family is located in San Jose and is a giant 160-room complex, built like a labyrinth with incredibly long hallways, secret passages, dead ends and false doors.

The house was constructed based on the idea of Sarah Winchester, the heiress of the famous rifle family. Sarah was devastated by the untimely death of her daughter and husband and turned to a medium for advice, who told her that her misfortune was caused by the restless spirits of all those who were killed by a Winchester weapon.

To put the spirits to rest, she was to start building a house, to continue building it until her death and never stop. The construction of the mysterious Winchester house continued for 38 years until Sarah's death.

Overtoun Bridge

The Overtoun Bridge is a superb example of the genius of Victorian engineering. It is found within the Overtoun property in Scotland and is known among local residents as the dog suicide bridge.

It is believed that in the past 5 decades, more than 50 (some say 500) dogs have put an end to their lives by jumping off the stone bridge into the dry rocky riverbed, that once had an actual river flowing under it in the past.

Sedlec Ossuary


There is a unique ossuary in a Roman chapel located in the small town of Sedlec in the Czech Republic, in which the remains of the deceased are not simply stored in crypts, sarcophagi or buried in the ground.

It is estimated that from the year 1278 until now, between 40 000 and 70 000 people were buried in the graveyard by the chapel. It contains the bones of victims from the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) as well.

Over time, the bones had to be removed from the earth or crypt. They were not put away or buried elsewhere but were used as the interior decoration of the chapel.

Today, in it you can see a chandelier of bones, pyramids of skulls and other deathlike decorations that will make your hair stand on end.