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The mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Stone Spheres

In the forties of the twentieth century, in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica was made an extraordinary discovery - giant stone spheres that have been around the jungle. Some of them were on the ground, and others just stuck out, so they had to dig them up.

The biggest of them were three meters in diameter and weighed about sixteen tons. There were smaller ones, with the smallest being the size of a children's ball and had a diameter of ten centimeters.

The spheres were located both alone and in groups - three to fifty in a group with some of the groups formed in regular geometric figures.

Similar stone spheres have been found in silver mines in Mexico and the plateau Aqua Blanca, near the village of Guadalajara Guatemala, as well as elsewhere in the world.

These stone spheres are known as the playing balls of the gods. Geologists long thought that they were the product of volcanic activity. A perfect sphere can be formed if crystallization of volcanic magma takes place uniformly in all directions.

But no final verdict has been reached on this incredible phenomenon, since no one is able to understand whence these came from.

Moreover, the stone spheres of Costa Rica, as well as some others found in other parts of the world are perfectly polished, as if by some strange high-tech equipment.

All are made of very hard volcanic rock. According to modern specialists in the area, they have certainly been made artificially, thus being processed rocks that have acquired a spherical shape after processing. Then, they were polished to a shine.

It is believed that the stone spheres in Costa Rica may be the navigation devices of spacecraft. Some of them are arranged so that they form some of the prominent constellations.