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The most depressing days of the year

The most depressing days of the year

Not Friday the 13th, but Monday the 27th is really the most miserable day of the year. When the twenty-seventh falls on Monday, most trouble, accidents and injuries occur.

People generally do not like Mondays, because they are beginning the difficult and tedious work week. The amount of heart attacks and strokes is highest on Monday. Monday has the highest rate of deaths from cardiovascular diseases.

On Monday morning, many people have high blood pressure, which often leads not only to poor health, but even death. Monday is the most suicide ridden day.

Often desperate people who are mentally unbalanced, can not bear the thought of starting another week, which will be just as miserable and hopeless as before.

If every Monday is a challenge, the last Monday in January is the most depressing and sad day. On this day, many people feel that everything is over and see no hope that things will get better if you are financially strapped, or have trouble at work and in love.

The most dangerous day for lovers and couples is August 30. This is the day that all the factors that can lead to large fall outs and reaches maximum pressure levels.

This often leads not only to a quarrel, but it can also lead to separation forever. On Aug. 30 couples and lovers unconsciously feel that summer is over.

On that day start meaningless disputes and scandals that arise due to the subconscious summer ending. This can affect very bad relations between lovers.

Very often the occasion for scandal are financial problems, especially after the holidays, because suddenly one of them decided that they spent money on useless things during the holidays.