Mystery Surrounding Enigmatic `Oumuamua SolvedMystery Surrounding Enigmatic `Oumuamua Solved
29 June
The mysterious interstellar object, known as ʻOumuamua, which astronomers discovered at the end of last year, has turned out to be a comet. Scientists have reached this conclusion after arguing about the origins of...
Paleontologists Have Solved a Dinosaur MysteryPaleontologists Have Solved a Dinosaur Mystery
24 Oct.
A nearly 50-year-old mystery from the world of dinosaurs has finally been solved, report Western media. In 1965, paleontologists unearthed a pair of huge fossilized dinosaur arms in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. A...
Egyptologist Solves an Ancient MysteryEgyptologist Solves an Ancient Mystery
25 June
mighty fortress in Dakhla at the onset of Persian rule. Once he gathered all the facts and connected the dots, the researcher solved the great mystery....
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
surprised to discover that he was holding the corpse of a never-before-seen creature in his hands. From that point on, the entire world was shocked by the tiny alien, while numerous leading ufologists backed the claim that it...
The mystery of talking crossesThe mystery of talking crosses
12 Oct.
stand in the holy city. The official religion of the free Indians to this day remains a cult of the three cross talking. The mystery of the talking cross has no such phenomenon in folklore or religion, nor in the...
The mystery of the stone orbsThe mystery of the stone orbs
23 July
In 1930, after preparing the field for banana plantation, the first stone spheres were found - this is one of the strangest archaeological mysteries that have not been solved until today. Most are made of hard igneous...
The Mystery of the Pink Lake HillierThe Mystery of the Pink Lake Hillier
28 July
so distinct that even passengers from an airplane can enjoy the view of the pink lake. The pink waters remain a complete mystery to scientists. The first investigation of Lake Hillier took place in 1950, with the...
The Mystery Surrounding the Killer Joe BallThe Mystery Surrounding the Killer Joe Ball
14 Nov.
buried in the sand. Dolores, however, remained alive. She left the city because she wanted to start a new life. According to her testimony, Joe would never kill anyone without reason or feed his alligators with them...
The Mystery of Puma PunkuThe Mystery of Puma Punku
29 Apr.
Tiwanaku is an ancient city in Bolivia not far from Lake Titicaca. It is thought to be about 7000 years old and probably one of the oldest cities in the world. Strangely enough, the sculptures there appear to have...
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
built the pyramid because they did not have a compass. The compass was invented several thousand years later. Maybe alien civilizations with their knowledge and new technologies could establish the actual time of the...
Can you Solve the 5 Most Convoluted Murder Cases?Can you Solve the 5 Most Convoluted Murder Cases?
20 Jan.
A number of murders have shocked the world and transformed into a media sensation, while the mystery around them deepens, as even today we don't know with certainty who the culprit was. Lindbergh Baby On March 1...
The Mystery of the Virgin MothersThe Mystery of the Virgin Mothers
05 Aug.
Statistics show that 1 out of every 200 young women in the US claims that her pregnancy is inexplicable, since she is still a virgin. This has puzzled reproductive problem researchers and has given mystery lovers...
The Mystery of the Imperishable SaintsThe Mystery of the Imperishable Saints
27 Mar.
child died of meningitis in 1937 and his parents did not want to embalm it. According to recent studies, scientists around the mystery remain confused why some people remain incorruptible. These show that...
The Mystery of the Torres Brothers Which Still Remains UnsolvedThe Mystery of the Torres Brothers Which Still Remains Unsolved
14 Jan.
Ralph and Wilbert Torres are 2 brothers, who in the 20s of the last century shocked the entire world with their telepathic abilities. The mystery surrounding them deepened with their sudden disappearance. The twin...
The Mystery Surrounding the Native American City of CahokiaThe Mystery Surrounding the Native American City of Cahokia
29 July
Cahokia is one of the largest ancient Native American cities, located in the Southwest part of the state of Illinois, near St. Louis in neighboring Missouri. The site has been labeled as a World Heritage Site. Until...

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