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The Mystery of the Torres Brothers Which Still Remains Unsolved

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Ralph and Wilbert Torres are 2 brothers, who in the 20s of the last century shocked the entire world with their telepathic abilities. The mystery surrounding them deepened with their sudden disappearance.

The twin brothers stirred up a sensation when, at the age of 20, they publicly demonstrated their supernatural telepathic capabilities in their home town of Detroit.

In one of their first experiments, Wilbert is accompanied by an impartial witness and goes with him inside a closed box placed outside one of the skyscrapers in the city. Meanwhile, Ralph goes up one of the buildings with another impartial witness and gets off at a randomly chosen floor.

As soon as he gets off the elevator, Ralph notifies his brother through telepathy what floor he's on, while Wilbert relays this information to the witness with him.

In a series of demonstrations, Ralph went into 35 different buildings and 20 different floors, with his brother Wilbert always, unerringly, saying exactly where his twin was located.

In another experiment, Ralph wrote down a name given to him by a random member of the audience, while his brother Wilbert, sitting in another location, said the name written on the piece of paper.

In 1921, the scientific community learned of the amazing feats of the Torres brothers and began studying them, all while significantly increasing the complexity of the experiments.

In one of these, Wilbert is accompanied by 2 American scientists as he boards a train to Los Angeles. Ralph remains under surveillance by a scientific team in New York.

Ralph is shown a page of text of a speech by America's first president, George Washington. Ralph begins to mentally convey the speech, with his brother Wilbert in L.A. saying it word for word in front of the other scientists.

In subsequent experiments, using telepathy the 2 brothers transmit longer texts, guess colors and various objects bought from random passersby. In each of the experiments they demonstrated a 100% success rate.

From the very beginning, the Torres twins claimed they had arrived from a far away galaxy and once their mission on Earth was complete they would leave our planet.

3 years later, they mysteriously disappeared and to this day no one has managed to find a single trace from them.