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The Mystery of the Imperishable Saints

The Mystery of the Imperishable Saints

Many churches around the world keep the dead bodies of pious people, untouched by time. According to the laws of nature, after death the body decomposes, and of it remains only a skeleton. But! This process does not apply to everyone. In many places there is evidence that some people in strange ways remain in the state in which they were buried. Such as the remains of saints!

If you doubt this, then visit the monastery of St. Girardot in France, which holds relics of St. Bernadette. Its history goes back to 1858.

When Bernadette Soubirous was 14 years old, the Virgin Mary appeared to her. Later, the girl was received at the monastery. Bernadette died at age 35, and over the next 45 years her body was exhumed from the grave just three times. And last time, Bernadette was in the form in which her body was laid in the grave, it never succumbed to mortality, then the Catholic Church decreed Bernadette for a righteous saint in life, and after death.

The Mystery of the Imperishable Saints

After the third exhuming St. Bernadette's body was exposed in the convent tower, under a glass lid. They call it Sleeping Beauty – who was also untouched by time.

In 1463 the Bois de Saint Catherine died. Having been buried with military honors, after a while it was decided to be re-buried. Upon opening the tomb, the body of Catherine had not decayed, just seemed to be asleep.

Since 1500 the remains of the saint are exposed publicly. The woman is like a living being, sitting in a chair surrounded by candles in the chapel even now.

In V century martyr Saint Sylvain died. His body is now in the church "St. Blaise" in Dubrovnik. The remains of Saint Sylvain remain incorrupt for almost 1700 years. His skin and his lips have kept natural pink tinge, and his hair is still it’s true color, writes "Shock".

In 1977 Espartinas, Spain, a family tomb was opened, in which Diggers was found the body of an 11-year-old boy, untouched by decay, although it was put there 40 years earlier. The child died of meningitis in 1937 and his parents did not want to embalm it.

According to recent studies, scientists around the mystery remain confused why some people remain incorruptible. These show that imperishability not only comes to holy people, but also those leading a blasphemous lifestyle. Which is an even greater mystery.

This is the case of Cardinal Schuster, a close friend of the dictator Mussolini. He was Archbishop of heme, and a fascist. They found his body 31 years after his death - imperishable.

The wife of Argentine dictator Peron, Evita, also has an interesting history. She does have a distinct piety. Died of cancer at 33 years old. Her husband loved her so strongly that had forbidden her body to be buried. As shocking as it sounds, during his travels, even in Europe, he carried the coffin with her body with him.

After his exile, returning to Argentina in 1973, he finally decided to deliver her remains to the ground. However, when he opened the casket to see her last, Evita Peron was lying on the pillow incorruptible, as if not dead, just asleep.

Christian culture has similar cases. Among the most famous are the body of Saint Petka, Bulgarian Samardjiiska. Touching it is said to treat terminally ill people. Another incorruptible saint is Saint Simon, whose relics are kept in Trieste.

The phenomenon of imperishability still can not find a logical explanation. Scientists fail to explain why the bodies of chosen dead do not decompose for no apparent reason. In this case - probably the reason simply is invisible and is due to the forces and factors unknown to man as yet.