The Mystery of the Drunken Forest in Russia
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The Mystery of the Drunken Forest in Russia

Drunken forest

124 miles (200 km) from Moscow, there exists a place which ufologists theorize was once visited by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. The trees found in this mysterious zone grow crooked in a very peculiar way.

The forest with the unusual trees is known among locals as the "Drunken Forest". It was first spotted about 50 years ago. Up until then, an oak forest stood in its place. However, the oak trees were removed and other types of trees were planted in their place.

The interesting thing is that none of the locals noticed whether the new plants began growing at an angle or whether the trees bent over the years. There are many theories as to how the deformities occurred. Scientists who have been studying this anomaly believe that the trees were bent by the energy field of an extraterrestrial spacecraft that landed in the same spot.

People living in proximity to the forest explain that they have seen very mysterious creatures there. At first glance they looked like humans but they had the heads of wolves and dogs. Additionally, local legends go that battles were once waged by wizards from the nearby villages at the site. It is thought that the magical energy affected trees.

Drunk forest

What's more is that the Drunken Forest contains only trees. You won't find any grass growing or any animals wandering about. But as soon as a person leaves it, a few feet away, there is normal vegetation and even birds singing. Some experts believe that the drunken forest may be a result of a geomagnetic anomaly.

Everything is in the hands of the tectonic faults of the Earth's crust. It releases energy which bends the trees. However, the fundamental essence of these energies has not yet been studied thoroughly enough, explain scientists.

But there is also the possibility for the anomaly to have occurred due to the simultaneous actions of several factors. It is not out of the question for the trees to have been affected by some kind of disease, unknown to science.

Such extraordinary trees can also be found in the western part of Russia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad Oblast. There is talk that they too were deformed due to geomagnetic fields but no one can state with certainty whether this is so.