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The mystery of the stone orbs

The mystery of the stone orbs

In 1930, after preparing the field for banana plantation, the first stone spheres were found - this is one of the strangest archaeological mysteries that have not been solved until today. Most are made of hard igneous rocks.

This happened in Costa Rica. Later, many stone spheres of different sizes were found throughout the world. These days, more than 300 have been found. Some are located in front of various administrative buildings. It is unclear what the exact age of the globes is, but according to other archaeological finds that have been found there, they must have been made between 200 and 1000 years after Christ.

Most of the stone spheres have almost perfect shapes. The weight of some of them goes up to 16 tons. How exactly are they made, how they were cut to perfection, no one can say for sure. There are only guesses.

There are several theories about how and who carved them. One of them is that they are made by the ancestors of current Native American tribes. Another theory states that the globes have been brought into the jungle before vegetation developed.

In the Mexican state of Guadalajara three of the largest stone balls were found and they were delivered for testing in the State University of New York . After various research was done, specialists have the idea that these stone balls are not made by humans.

They think it's quite possible these huge stones with ideal dimensions are made by unknown high – level technology.

Rocky areas are associated mainly with Costa Rica, but these have been found in Guatemala, Brazil, Egypt, the Caucasus, Romania and even Nepal.

What were the stone orbs intended as? Dr. Luis Gomez claims that they represent celestial bodies in our solar system. According to other scientists, these orbs are a projection of the starry sky. But what's the reason they are here, who and why made them, there is no clear data.