Did the Mothman Actually Exist?Did the Mothman Actually Exist?
16 Dec.
In the period 1966-1967, in the American city Point Pleasant, there were reports of a strange creature called the Mothman. It was of large proportions, had a human-like bearing and wings on its back. The first witnesses...
Do Parallel Worlds Really Exist?Do Parallel Worlds Really Exist?
10 Nov.
All of the phenomena in physics cannot be explained with a unified theory - something that has been known for over 100 years. In the world of massive objects, the main concepts are Einstein's theory of relativity and classical...
Mythical Beasts - Do they Really Exist?Mythical Beasts - Do they Really Exist?
16 Feb.
Sea Monsters Tales of sea monsters have existed for thousands of years....
Science Explained Why Doubles Don't ExistScience Explained Why Doubles Don't Exist
13 July
Modern science has confirmed the existence of people whose facial features are very much alike, but according to the scientists, there is no way for fully identical doubles to exist....
Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?Did the Semiramis Hanging gardens exist?
07 Jan.
However, there is no doubt that the hanging gardens ever existed. At the end of XX century, remains were discovered by German archaeologist Kolduey. They are found in nearly five meters of silt and clay stones....
Scientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did ExistScientists: the Golden Fleece Really Did Exist
04 Dec.
Even today, in West Georgia, there exists a region called the Kingdom of Colchis. Georgian scientists from Tbilisi State University believe that its residents really did possess the Golden Fleece....
Hawking: If Extraterrestrials Exist, They Will Destroy UsHawking: If Extraterrestrials Exist, They Will Destroy Us
15 Oct.
That type of risk would always exist and we are already witnesses to the drastic climate changes worldwide....
Unicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside usUnicorns did Exist! They Lived on Earth Alongside us
12 May
Prior to this analysis, the scientific community theorized that if unicorns did exist they would have been inhabiting the Earth about 350 000 years ago....
Newborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did ExistNewborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did Exist
08 Oct.
In Egypt, a boy has been born with just 1 eye on his forehead. Doctors call this condition "Cyclopia" and in this case say it was caused by radiation exposure of the mother during pregnancy. The newborn has a single...
Circus Oddities Who Actually ExistedCircus Oddities Who Actually Existed
04 May
The penguin lady, the man with 3 legs, the camel girl and others are all circus performers who really did exist and were famous for their unusual physiology....
Mega ocean existed on MarsMega ocean existed on Mars
11 Feb.
For many, many years on the Northern hemisphere there was a huge, huge ocean Mars. In the enormous area there was flowing water of rivers and streams, formed by heavy rains over the Red Planet. This assumption was made...
Historical Figures That May have Never ExistedHistorical Figures That May have Never Existed
10 Sept.
The lives of many historical figures are shrouded in myths and legends but there is plenty of proof that they were real people, leading real lives, that they did exist....
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial Ceremonies
07 Dec.
From the uneaten remains of the body, if such exist, they make a powder. 3....
Trees That Protect Against Misfortune and EvilTrees That Protect Against Misfortune and Evil
07 Oct.
Mountain shepherds' kavals were also crafted from maple wood, since according to tradition, the music played from an instrument made of maple would drive away demons and samodivas....
Do you believe in reincarnation?Do you believe in reincarnation?
13 Jan.
The fact that you do not remember it does not mean that it has happened. " It is reasonable to think that if reincarnation exists, then the sky should be crowded....

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