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Why Do We Like Compliments?


Both sexes love receiving compliments. They can always be given - no matter the situation, environment, a few words of compliment always delight the person receiving them.

If given in a business situation, rest assured that your compliments are in the right place. A compliment must present the person you are making it to in a good light. However, in order to be convincing, it must be based on facts.

It is best when making a compliment to someone to be careful for it not to have a double meaning. A compliment is by nature a slight exaggeration of the qualities of the person anyway, so be careful when exaggerating. If you go too far, there is a risk for the person to see it as ridicule.

Whenever presenting someone with kind words, it needs to be natural - i.e. the words should be a part of you, of your behavior. You need to act the same way you act when talking about other things, in order for the compliment to appear genuine.

Further, it is advised for compliments to be short with an unobtrusive nature - the goal is for them to be easily understandable. In order to say a few facts in a compliment, you need to truly be a good orator. It would be best to split up the facts and share the compliments one by one, so as not to turn the effect into a defect.


So why do all of us love getting compliments? They have a psychological effect on people. Whenever someone says something positive about us, we will subconsciously try to present ourselves in a better light.

This will prove that the words of the other person are true. In other words, compliments not only stroke our ego but give us the opportunity to get better and improve in various aspects.

In addition, a kind word from someone - no matter if it is related to work, character, relations or outer appearance, means that they have taken notice of us in some way. The efforts we have put in something have been noticed, which in turn will motivate us to continue in that fashion and even do a better job.

Compliments give us the opportunity to create a more comfortable atmosphere for others and make the conversation between us more easy. Compliments, regardless if made by men or women, whether we are at work or in a more intimate setting, always cause sympathy. This creates a further sense of security and can definitely lead your relations with the person in a positive direction.