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Do Parallel Worlds Really Exist?

Parallel worlds

All of the phenomena in physics cannot be explained with a unified theory - something that has been known for over 100 years. In the world of massive objects, the main concepts are Einstein's theory of relativity and classical mechanics, while microscopic objects follow the laws of quantum mechanics.

One of the oldest interpretations of phenomena imagine the classical world as the result of the existence of numerous quantum worlds.

This is a theoretical approach of several worlds existing at the same time and is known as the many-worlds interpretation. It was first described by American scientist Hugh Everett in 1957.

He claims that parallel worlds do not "touch" in any way and have no contact with one another. As opposed to Everett, Professor Howard Wiseman and his colleagues propose that these worlds interact with each other all the time.

According to them, every single world is bound by the laws of Newtonian physics but the interaction between them gives birth to phenomena which can be categorized into the quantum realm.


Wiseman states that when 2 classical worlds come close to an energy barrier from different sides, one of them will increase in speed while the other will jump back the same time.

This way, the 1st, moving world will cross the otherwise uncrossable barrier and to an outside viewer, this would look like what is called quantum tunneling.

Wiseman himself admits that he and his team have not yet been able to explain all of the mysteries of the classical and quantum world but it can be claimed that some quantum phenomena can be explained by the interaction between the numerous classical worlds.

Wiseman's team wants to attract other theoreticians to their research, who would shed light on the exact conditions needed for the contact between numerous worlds. They have yet to implement an experiment that would allow them to confirm the truth behind their approach.

Whether we truly live in one of many parallel worlds is a question that has sparked the interest of many people and scientists are gradually getting closer to the answer.