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Myths we do not know

Myths we do not know

One of the most common myths we believe to be the truth is that food that falls on the floor is completely edible, if you raise it from the floor for no more than five seconds.

The truth is that the floor is usually a lot of germs and if you drop food on it, it immediately fills with them. This applies especially to the kitchen, a real paradise for microbes such as salmonella. So next time you drop food on the floor, remember that.

Many people believe that any acid burns skin. This is not the case. There are hundreds of types of acids, some of them - lemon or vinegar, are often used by us. Some acids, however, are extremely harsh. Hydrochloric, nitric and sulfuric acid can burn your skin.

Myth is that brain cells do not regenerate. The reason that people have believed in this myth lies in the fact that for many years it was believed that the complexity of the brain will impair the growth of new cells.


In 1998 it became clear that brain cells have the ability to regenerate. The process of learning and memory centers of the brain can create new cells.

Absolute myth is that lightning does not strike twice in the same place. In fact, lightning can strike twice in the same place and evidence is the Empire State Building, which is struck by lightning twenty five times a year.

Myth is that in space, there is no force of gravity. In practice, in space Space there is a lot of gravity, and that gravity is the reason that the stars remain around the galactic center. The reason why astronauts are weightless is because they are in Earth's orbit, they are attracted by it, but they are moving in a sideways motion, and they get weightless.

It is a myth that the moon has a dark side. It exists only in songs and novels. The sun illuminates every part of the moon, but it has a part that can not be seen from Earth.

The moon rotates around the same axis as the Earth. We see only one side of the moon, but when we crescent Sun illuminates the Moon, it is not visible to the human eye.