Another Method for Love Divination with CardsAnother Method for Love Divination with Cards
29 July
On the left and right sides of these 3 cards, arrange another 3 - they signify your present. Under the cards showing the present, arrange 6 cards - these show your past....
Human sacrifices in PeruHuman sacrifices in Peru
14 May
To help with this, comes physical anthropology that tells us more about the people afflicted by this. In recent years, research on what people are sacrificed to the gods, has seen a significant increase....
Aztec human sacrificeAztec human sacrifice
22 Jan.
There is another reason for these ritual sacrifices, cannibalism....
Who were the MayansWho were the Mayans
12 Mar.
Cities of the Mayas possessed an unique outlook, temples were built in the form of stepped pyramids, decorated with statues and reliefs....
The Mayans had psychic abilitiesThe Mayans had psychic abilities
18 Mar.
Pyramids, temples and palaces built with the brilliant white limestone with precision that would be an honor for every Renaissance architect....
Human sacrifice discovered in PeruHuman sacrifice discovered in Peru
20 May
A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which for thousands of years has remains of human sacrifices in it. It was uncovered by archaeologists in Peru....
Another Giant Skeleton in Yakutia?Another Giant Skeleton in Yakutia?
23 Oct.
Another theory goes that our planet had 4 moons 12 - 20 000 years ago. However, the giants were killed off when 3 of them collided with the Earth....
The Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another ShipThe Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another Ship
05 Nov.
The vessel with its 33-member crew fell off the radar during Hurricane Joaquin that devastated the eastern coast of the United States....
Mayan Civilization and PyramidsMayan Civilization and Pyramids
03 Aug.
Dedeicated to the rain God, a natural well is found, it was used for making human sacrifices! Tikal: Covering 60 squares miles and located in Guatemala lays the laregst city of the Mayan people....
Climate change caused the end of the Mayans?Climate change caused the end of the Mayans?
04 Oct.
Scientists link this program with projects in environmental diplomacy....
Telltale Signs you`re from Another PlanetTelltale Signs you`re from Another Planet
09 Mar.
This ability is a remnant from your past life on another planet, where its inhabitants communicated through telepathy....
Another Myth Busted - Psychopaths are not Geniuses!Another Myth Busted - Psychopaths are not Geniuses!
27 Jan.
Researchers began with the fact that individuals with this type of asocial behavior are often impulsive, have run-ins with the law their entire lives and hurt themselves or others in most cases....
The mirror: A window to another worldThe mirror: A window to another world
22 Jan.
Mirrors take negative energies, so it is recommended if your an unpleasant man entered home, then clean the mirrors with a damp cloth, or better yet, with holy water....
Another mystery of Easter Island is revealedAnother mystery of Easter Island is revealed
22 Sept.
Another mystery of Easter Island is revealed by scientists from the University of Manchester and University College London....
Another fragment of the Sinai Code is foundAnother fragment of the Sinai Code is found
20 May
Another part of the oldest Bible has been discovered in Egypt, writes The Independent. Nicholas Saris got new, unprecedented fragments of the Sinai Code which is from about 350 AD....

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