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Telltale Signs you`re from Another Planet


Some people out there experience the constant feeling that they're not in the right place and that this world is completely foreign to them. Everything about them may seem normal at 1st glance but inside they're being torn apart by anguish and doubt.

Additionally, in their dreams they witness confusing scenes of even more beautiful and harmonious dimensions that are not inherent of this planet. They may even have similar fragmented memories which are difficult to explain.

If you too have come across these kinds of feelings, don't be alarmed. They're most likely a sign that in a past life you inhabited a different planet and now your soul has been sent to Earth on a certain mission which you must discover.

Here are the other telltale signs that your soul is coming from a place where the civilization and thinking processes are more advanced.

Kid in Forest

1. You're more mature than your peers

Socializing with people your own age doesn't bring you satisfaction. You prefer talking to older individuals, from whom you can gain experience.

2. You have philosophical views

Primal reactions aren't typical of you. Whenever something bad happens to you you prefer to contemplate the situation and take away something positive from it.

3. You don't care about everyday problems

The everyday problems that most people like to over-dramatize rarely find presence in your thoughts. But even if something similar were to happen to you, you quickly find the solution and continue forward.

4. You loathe violence

Boy and Rabbit

You condemn every form of violence and cannot understand why people are so aggressive and primitive.

5. Fame and fortune do not entice you

You strive for harmony and happiness but also understand that a lot of money and fame are not the key to these.

6. You adore animals

You feel tremendous love toward every living thing and are always ready to help a person or animal in need. You don't feel the need to eat meat.

7. You have a powerful intuition

Your inner voice is extremely powerful and is always guiding you. Further, you can often discern what others are thinking and it seems as though you're reading their thoughts. This ability is a remnant from your past life on another planet, where its inhabitants communicated through telepathy.