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The mirror: A window to another world

The mirror: A window to another world

Mirrors strike the impossible duality of the world. On one hand this is a material object and the other - intangible reflection phantom. Since ancient times have survived many testimonies of mysterious phenomena, associated with them.

There are hypotheses that determine the mirror as a tool to introduce people to an altered state of consciousness, optical device that helps us to see images of the world, or a thin device that allows the images arising in the mind of a person to become accessible to other people.

According to some, the mirror can remember events and submit them to us. There are cases in which the mirror has passed to the subconscious, of those telling stories which they have witnessed.

This is done mainly through dreams that we have near the mirror. Transmitted are not so much the events, as the conditions of the people who caused the event.

Consciousness only deciphers and interprets the meaning of this record, but transmits only those images that are close to personal experience of the person. Mirrors and other items bear the imprint of the personality of their owner.

Covering the mirrors in the house of a deceased person, is a consequence of the belief that through them the soul of the dead can pull someone into the afterlife, or thirst for life of the deceased may result in it being used as a reference mirror and return from the afterlife, and roam among us.

According to other beliefs, while the deceased was at home, the mirror is like an open window in the house through which can enter astral beings, including poorly tuned Spirits. And the soul of the deceased instead of going in the afterlife, may enter into the mirror and remain trapped there.

Such mirrors are distinguished from others because they are very cold to the touch and dim church candles when near. When you can break this mirror, the soul is released, and it is closed.

Mirrors take negative energies, so it is recommended if your an unpleasant man entered home, then clean the mirrors with a damp cloth, or better yet, with holy water.

Then go over it with a lighted candle, and leave it in the sun, or exposed to a quartz lamp.

Mirrors have the ability to accumulate the energy of people, this happens after about three minutes, so those who like to sit longer in front of the mirror, are aging faster than normal.

This effect is explained by the position of bioenergy - emitted by us, and the energy reflected from the mirror and partially neutralize and damage our defense aura.