Body Language and personality disordersBody Language and personality disorders
18 Dec.
Patients with personality disorders have a specific body language. It consists of a series of characteristics. Body language usually reflects the patient's mental health problems....
Body Language and Reading FacesBody Language and Reading Faces
27 Feb.
Have you ever wanted to know how to read one’s body language? Have you ever wanted to know how to read ones face?...
Reading Body Language is Like Watching a MovieReading Body Language is Like Watching a Movie
11 Apr.
If he ever does get out of it, reading his body language will be quite simple and may give you an advantage in predicting his next move. In reality, reading a man's body languages is like watching a silent movie....
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
She can steal a person's soul and leave them with just their physical body, say those familiar with the legend....
The Language of the AngelsThe Language of the Angels
30 Mar.
The angelic language, holy language or divine language, was the language which Adam and Eve spoke in Heaven. The first humans and the angels spoke it and sent their prayers to God through it, and he would answer....
The secret language of flowersThe secret language of flowers
29 Nov.
Since ancient times people have used flowers to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. Lewis Carroll was sent to Alice in Wonderland through a mirror in a garden filled with talking flowers. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians...
Donkeys Comforted a Depressed Female RhinocerosDonkeys Comforted a Depressed Female Rhinoceros
24 June
The female rhinoceros that lives in the zoo, Manuela, became close with the donkeys there, after she was unable to coexist successfully with the goats and zebras, informs Associated Press....
Locusta - History`s First Female Serial KillerLocusta - History`s First Female Serial Killer
20 Apr.
Disposing of one's rivals through the use of poisons was a widespread practice in ancient times but Locusta was a poisoner who would become history's female serial killer with the most victims....
Which Languages Will Soon Disappear?Which Languages Will Soon Disappear?
29 Sept.
According to experts, the languages of the Andaman Islands share nothing in common with any other language on Earth. 2....
Elf Body Discovered in MexicoElf Body Discovered in Mexico
10 Oct.
The body of a creature unknown to science was discovered in Mexico. The creature was small, with wings the size of its entire body....
Meaning of colors on our bodyMeaning of colors on our body
16 May
Color for the body when used in treatment almost has the same force as medicines, some of today\'s descendants of the ancient Chinese healers believe....
Sleep Cleanses the Body of ToxinsSleep Cleanses the Body of Toxins
04 Feb.
To protect your body from toxins and allow your brain to work properly, try to set aside enough time for a sound sleep....
5 Curious Facts about the Human Body5 Curious Facts about the Human Body
13 Aug.
There is gold in the human body. In every human body, there are roughly 0.2 mg of pure gold....
Russian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the BodyRussian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the Body
18 Oct.
The soul, colored in blue, is clearly seen as it gradually leaves the human body....
American Woman Finds Alien Body in her BackyardAmerican Woman Finds Alien Body in her Backyard
16 Nov.
As it fell, the celestial body gave off blue and green light. It crashed, breaking up into several large chunks of debris....

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