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Qur'an push on the body of a baby

Qur'an push on the body of a baby

Phrases from the Quran appear and then disappear from the body of a nine month old boy from a village in the Republic Degestan, revealed the RIA Novosti representative of a local mosque.

"The family Yakubovi said their baby boy was born nine months ago. A few days after birth, his body began to show inscriptions in Arabic, " said the source.

During the birth of their child he had hematoma on the chin. And when he resolved, it appeared under the caption "Allah".

"The inscriptions appear on Mondays and Fridays, during which the child's temperature rose to 40 degrees. It screams and cries. Signs are stored for three days and then gradually disappear and in their place appeared new ones". They recognized the extraordinary phenomenon including the mother of the boy Yakubova Madina.

Ali is the second youngest child. Their first child is female, but she never manifested this phenomenon.

Representatives of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims in Degestan now refrain from comment, as stated only that they were surprised by what is happening with Ali, and others.

The Imam of the village, however, is explicit that these are signs of Allah.