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Elf Body Discovered in Mexico

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The body of a creature unknown to science was discovered in Mexico.

The creature was small, with wings the size of its entire body. So far, it has been categorized as an elf, even though many theories claim that it is an extraterrestrial, that had settled on Earth years ago.

Its discoverers describe it with the term "demonic being" because of the way it looks, not from a moral standpoint. The biologist Enrique Ortiz believes that the being is a humanoid with wings and it may turn out to be an animal species that has been unknown so far.

The body of the creature was found in a forest and its origins have been extremely difficult to determine so far. Some time ago, a similar being was filmed flying in the backyard of a house.

An entity, similar to an elf, can be seen in the video, which flies out from a hole and moves between the trees. Stories of encounters with elves have been told since the beginning of the 15th century.

According to monastery chronicles, found in Scotland, in the 15th century, locals discovered a person dying of wounds, who spoke an unknown language. He was exceptionnally thin and frail. After his recovery, he astounded everyone with his skill and agility in fencing and the bow and arrow.


Once he learned the language of the locals, the man explained that he belonged to the race of elves. The chronicles mention that the stranger had odd ears with pointed tips.

Another testimony from Norway states that in the 14th century, a girl married a tall and handsome outlander, unparalleled in his skill with the bow and arrow. The outlander had pointed ears, which labelled him as a messenger of the Devil. Out of fear, the locals exiled him and his entire family.

According to researchers, the described entities are a type of humanoid, which possess an extra genome, that gives them paranormal abilities.

In other versions, these beings were descendents of the Atlanteans, which in the 10th - 11th centuries completely assimilated with humans and retained their uniqueness only in hard-to-reach and unexplored areas.

So far there is no hard evidence to reveal whether or not the mysterious race of elves still exists.