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What Do Moles on the Body Mean?

What Do Moles on the Body Mean?

Moles on the body and their exact location have a specific symbolism and meaning. Moles on the front part of the body mean that the life of the person will be one tremendous challenge. A mole on the breasts means that the person with it will find someone who truly loves them. A mole on the belly means that the person will have a safe and problem-free life. The smaller the mole, the better their life will be.

Moles on the hands are a sign of a happy person but one who needs to manage their finances carefully. Moles in the intimate areas bespeak of a passionate person, with a strong sexuality. Positive people, who easily handle their problems, have a mole on their thighs. A mole on the foot can be a sign that the individual is a little cold and even heartless.

Moles on the back have all sorts of interpretations. If the mole is on the lower back, this is a sign of a creative nature. If it's in the upper part of the back, the person is extremely responsible and has the ability to make good decisions but at the same time lacks grace.

Moles on the face also have a particular interpretation. Moles above the lips indicate a persistent and interesting person, while moles between the eyebrows symbolize an unruly and artistic character. A mole on the chin means that the person is hardworking and organized.

Moles on several spots on the face show that the individual will be very happy and have a dynamic life. According to ancient beliefs, having more moles on the left side of the body symbolizes bad luck. The same applies to elongated moles.



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