How to Get Rid of Negative ThoughtsHow to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts
18 Nov.
Stress and depression are parts of our society. The negative thoughts which they arise from come from all of the daily and routine problems. A person's attitude toward their surroundings is exceptionally crucial...
How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?
13 Nov.
one over and over. If you immediately go over the events in your nightmare, you realize that it was not real and the fear vanishes. If the person next to you is asleep, hug them and get close to their breast. The...
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Studies upon studies, conducted by scientists around the world, prove that our thoughts have great power. Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine...
How Do I Get Over the Past?How Do I Get Over the Past?
04 Feb.
moving forward. But the past also prevents them from living well and finding peace because it keeps pulling them back and they find themselves constantly thinking about it. Negative thoughts, bad experiences and...
How to Get Enough Sleep QuicklyHow to Get Enough Sleep Quickly
15 Aug.
, with additional wrinkles, thoughts flow chaotically, the head is bursting from pain. In this state, it is difficult for a person to work. But what if the constant busyness simply does not allow you to get enough...
19 Ways to Clear the Mind and Get Rid of Stress19 Ways to Clear the Mind and Get Rid of Stress
22 Feb.
remove most sources of stress from your life. Take a look at these 19 ways to clear the mind and get rid of stress, which can significantly change your quality of life. Identify the stressor This is the most...
How to Measure the Negative Energy Within OurselvesHow to Measure the Negative Energy Within Ourselves
08 July
to attracting unsuitable people in our lives, making the wrong decisions and the incorrect interpretation of our feelings. The experts offer a quick check-up of the levels of negative energy in you: - How often do...
Deep Thoughts Make us UnhappyDeep Thoughts Make us Unhappy
09 Apr.
wandering of our thoughts in some way predicts our happiness. In actuality, how often our thoughts leave the present and their direction predict whether we will feel happy, no matter what type of activity we participate in...
Thought is materialThought is material
15 Feb.
Our thoughts can materialize and influence our destiny, British psychologists are convinced. According to them, one of the most loyal tactics to check the feelings of a mature couple to split. Separation helps the...
Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?
08 Jan.
present within you and it will only build up if you do not act. To get rid of the negative energy, first you must realize that when you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that...
Chestnuts Shield us from Negative EnergyChestnuts Shield us from Negative Energy
16 Oct.
pants' pocket can reduce the harmful influence of cell phones and other wireless devices by 40%. Simeonova asserts that the electromagnetic field around us has a negative effect, making us more short-tempered...
Classical Literature Helps us Read ThoughtsClassical Literature Helps us Read Thoughts
06 Aug.
A study has shown that reading classical literature books can help us develop paranormal abilities, such as reading the thoughts of others. According to the authors of the study, literature, through its symbols...
When the Zodiac Signs Get DepressedWhen the Zodiac Signs Get Depressed
18 Nov.
Each zodiac signs expresses and handles depression in their own unique way. Some of them react quite strangely - they become more energetic, get hungry or turn paranoid. Here's how you can tell when each of the...
New Computers Can Erase Thoughts Without us KnowingNew Computers Can Erase Thoughts Without us Knowing
05 May
"Thou canst not touch the freedom of my mind, " wrote poet John Milton back in 1634. However, today, 400 years later, with the technological advancement that led to the creation of machines that can read human thoughts...
Clear negatives from homeClear negatives from home
31 Mar.
To completely clean your home is not enough to wash the floor and dishes, or to polish the windows and mirrors. You can clear your home of all negative energy. If you do, do not be surprised if you regularly lose...

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