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Societal Attitudes That Get in the Way of Happiness

Antonia R.Antonia R.

American psychologist Albert Ellis claimed in his scientific works that there exist in society 6 collective attitudes that get in the way of the happiness of anyone who tries to comply with them.

Everyone needs to love me and approve of me

Every single psychologist says that it is not necessary for every single one of the people around you to love you and approve of your actions. To have everyone like us, we would need a superpower to allow us to sense everyone's feelings. Even if this were possible, there is no way we can satisfy the wishes of every single person around us.

I must never make mistakes

Perfect people who don't make mistakes do not exist and those who set themselves the goal of being flawless in every single endeavor will always end up disappointed.


Purposefulness is key for the development of any person but it is important for everyone to realize that they will encounter different problems in life, from which they must learn.

I need to affect every single event

There are events and circumstances in every person's life which, no matter how much they want to, they cannot affect and must simply accept the situation as it is.

We must face every situation that life serves us and try to take the best from it.


By ignoring problems, they will solve themselves

According to psychologists, this is one of the most dangerous attitudes that no small number of people have. Studies show that the unsolved problems of a person can cause them fits of panic, depression and high anxiety. Whenever we have problems, we must mobilize to resolve them.

Everyone has need of a stronger person, who they can count on

No one must be way too dependent on another person. A mature person needs to be independent in order to grow and not have to worry about how they look in the eyes of others.

No one can control their own emotions

If a person focuses their efforts on their feelings, it is fully possible to learn to control their own emotions. Analyzing our irrational actions can help us deal with our uncontrollable emotions.