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How is a Red Thread Against Negative Energy Tied to Work?

How is a Red Thread Against Negative Energy Tied to Work?

More and more people from all walks of life - from art, through business, to people with ordinary professions are increasingly putting a red thread on their left wrist. Everyone knows that this is done for protection from evil eyes, envy, negative energy.

However, not every red thread, which has been tied has protective powers. There are rules for wearing this kind of amulet that must be followed.

What exactly is the red thread amulet

Where did this idea come from? An amulet of red thread for protection comes from the Kabbalah teachings. However, there is such a tradition in many other nations, where a red thread is tied on the baby's wrist for protection and the umbilical cord of the newborn is also tied with a red thread.

According to Kabbalah, in order to protect oneself from bad energy influence, one must wear a red thread tied on the left wrist. The requirements for it are:

- The person who ties the red thread must be our relative and elder, who has good intentions;

How is a Red Thread Against Negative Energy Tied to Work?

- The red thread is tied in 7 knots;

- The thread must be purchased and not made personally by the person who will wear it.

In Kabbalah, the red thread is not accepted as a talisman against evil. It is an entire defense system that assumes that evil emanates from the eyes. To protect our spiritual powers, we must put the protective armor on the left hand, because that is where the negative energy comes in. The red thread is perceived as protection against the evil eyes, which is a powerful negative force coming from us from unfriendly looks.

By tying a red thread on the left wrist, we establish the vitally important connection between the left side of the body, which is receptive and the right side, which helps us part with something bad and unwanted.

The person who ties the knot can be a loved one with whom we live, a close relative or a best friend. It can also be a priest. Tying a red thread yourself has no protective power.

How exactly is the red thread tied?

Red thread on left hand

Best to tie it in a tight knot initially. After that, tying with a simple knot is repeated 6 more times, by making 7 knots. It is then necessary for the person on whom a red thread is placed to refrain from negative thoughts towards others and not to judge anyone. Prayer may also be recited after the ritual of tying the thread.

Tying the red thread does not obligate the wearer to anything. Belief in the power of the amulet, however, is very necessary to create a protective barrier through the bad looks of others.

What to do if the red thread breaks?

Such a situation is entirely possible and it is not a cause for panic. It simply means that a great calamity has passed around the person wearing this amulet.

There is no need to do anything but thank fate. Another red thread can be tied if you like.