Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Nina NordNina Nord
Getting Rid of Bad Luck

Bad luck is a concept, which every one of us has faced. There are a number of people who feel literally haunted by bad luck, blaming it for all their failures in life. This way, a number of disappointments and complaints occur and more sensitive people even fall into an emotional rabbit hole and depression.

Sometimes it happens, that a person doesn't do well in almost every aspect for a long time. To get rid of bad luck, some rituals will help you.

Every day after sleep repeat aloud: No one will break through my defense, today luck will be with me!

When your pen stops or the pencil you are writing with breaks, before you start writing with a new one, say: Luck, you are always with me!

Before you go to an important business meeting, repeat in your mind or out loud the following words: I drive away bad luck, so that my eyes do not see it and that I never meet it!

Before an important meeting, rub your two palms together, as if you were holding a ball between them. In this position, bring them to your lips, blow between your palms and whisper the following: The brighter the sun is, the luckier I am today!

Magic rituals against bad luck

If you have important job ahead of you, surround yourself with magical protection. The night before at sunset, open a new packet of salt, take three pinches and place them in your right palm.

Light a wax candle and by moving your right palm over its flame, say: I am not afraid of bad luck, I scatter it on the road! After repeating this three times, go to the intersection nearest to your home and throw the salt in front of you.

To ward off bad luck, wash your face with holy water. As you wash, tell yourself that this is how you cleanse yourself of negative energy. After that, don't wipe yourself and when your face and hands are dry, water a tree with the rest of the water.

Take the oldest garment in your closet, which you haven't worn in a long time, fold it up like an envelope and sew it with a new thirteen-point needle, using black thread bought on the first Thursday of the month. Then hide the rest of the threads in a dark place in the eastern part of your home, by wrapping them in a piece of black velvet beforehand.

Light two wax candles and secure them in the center of the table. Then take the envelope and after sunset throw it into a nearby garbage can with your right hand.

Go home without turning around. After returning, wash your hands under running water and dry them over the candle flame. After the candles have burned down, collect the wax and dispose of it the next morning at the intersection closest to your home. That way bad luck will go away.

Prayer against bad luck

Don't forget about prayers. There is no stronger and more powerful act than sincere prayer, which keeps bad energy away and at the same time helps each person connect with their spiritual essence and feel much better. Take the time to thank God for all the good things that happen in your life and you will realize that you are happy people and that you actually have many reasons to be better and positive.

We looked at the ways to cleanse the body of bad luck, but it is equally important to banish bad luck from your home. For this purpose, some simple rituals are also applied, which, however, will help to cleanse the space and remove bad luck.

First of all, put some embroideries in your home. It is believed that knitting protects not only from bad luck, but also from various evils.

A magical bad luck amulet is also obtained by making an onion and garlic wreath. Some other vegetable can also be added to enhance positive energy and remove negativity and bad energy.

Scent your home from time to time with incense sticks. Choose sharper scents (sandalwood for example) and try to burn an odd number of sticks. Be sure to cleanse all the rooms in your home, not just one.

If you accidentally break a mirror, don't rush to throw away the pieces of mirror. On a Full Moon, place a piece of the mirror, so that the Moon is reflected in it and the home is cleansed of bad energy.

Salt has very strong cleansing properties. To improve the energy in the room, sprinkle some salt in the four corners. That protects against evil eyes and evil thoughts. The ritual is very suitable, if you are about to meet a negative person.