Attract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic

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An ancient Chinese ritual which can be used to steal a man away from his partner is extremely popular in the US right now.

To be able to steal the man that belongs to another you will need objects made from turquoise, a red piece of cloth and 1 red candle.

This love magic spell has been popular in China from the time of the Yuan dynasty (13th - 14th century).

Red dress

Buy a turquoise necklace (the stone has a powerful love charge). Wear it for 10 days and concentrate your thoughts at least twice a day on your desire to separate the man of your dreams from his current flame.

Take off the jewelry and leave it for another 10 days in a container made from turquoise. Cover the necklace with rainwater, just enough to cover it.

On the 11th day (calculate it so that it falls on a new moon), buy a red candle and red cloth. Cut off a piece of the cloth as large as a handkerchief.

Between 11 PM and 3 AM, place the accessories for the love magic in a room without any furniture, mirrors or light. You need to be alone and have already memorized the spell you are to speak.


Whisper it above the container with the water and necklace: "Spirits of the past, help the unworthy get together with he who she sincerely desires, and she will pay you."

Light the candle and drip 10 drops of wax on the cloth. Pour the water on your left breast and hide everything aside from the cloth. Now comes the hard part - the next day, find a way to have the cloth touch the man you desire for a moment.

When doing this, you must be wearing red clothes. After 10 hours or 10 days, find a way to meet him and he will be yours.

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