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Pick a Gemstone and See What it Reveals

Image: karinacollins

Gemstones are highly prized by women for their beauty. Similarly, mystics glorify them, believing that they possess magical properties. For example, it is said that quartz protects against negative energy, magic and energy vampires.

Amethyst strengthens the love between husband and wife, provides harmony and understanding, prevents cheating. Aragonite, on the other hand, attracts luck, good health, friendship, love and happiness and is one of the most highly recommended gemstones.

According to psychologists, the gemstones that surround us also have other unsuspecting properties - they reveal experiences and parts of our character we don't even notice. What do we mean? Pick one of the gemstones in the image and see what it'll reveal about you!

1. Opal

It's as if you're on autopilot. You need more time for yourself, for a break and solitude. This doesn't necessarily mean that you're being weighed down by problems that are worrying and exhausting you. Rather, it means that there always seems to be something preventing you from being alone with your thoughts and analyzing your emotions.

2. Green malachite

If you've felt a pull toward this gemstone, then it's likely you're finding yourself in a new stage in your life. It's possible that you've ended a painful relationship or have simply learned some of life's lessons another way. Regardless of how you've come upon certain truths, the important thing is that you're now moving in the right direction, having grown, put the negative moments behind you and ready to enjoy the important things.

3. Sunstone

You've overcome hard times, taken a lot of insults and forgiven your enemies for their betrayals. Now you're calm, confident and filled with love and hope for the days still to come. You've erased the darkest moments of your past and are ready to move forward with your head held high and a wide smile on your face.

4. Obsidian

You're fully aware that it's your own fault for ending relationships with key people, as well as for other turning points in your life. You realize what your problems and weak points are. You're ready to fight your addictions because you want to change for the better and find the love of your life. You dream of starting a healthy and happy family in the near future.

5. Howlite

Trust in your intuition more! Your inner voice is leading you in the right direction but it's as if you're afraid to listen to it and messing up your own life. Rely more on your own feelings and don't ignore the signs that the Universe and your guardian angel are sending you. They would never mislead you!

6. Jasper

You need more fun, entertainment and laughter. You're trying to put yourself within limits of some kind but the routine and grey everyday are not for you. You're a creative person who needs diversity and inspiration. Find your muse and express the potential lying dormant inside you. Don't be afraid to be creative and different!