Amethyst defends from drunkenness and insomnia
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Amethyst defends from drunkenness and insomnia

Nina NordNina Nord
Amethyst jewelry

Amethyst is the stone that fades into the sunlight. This is the stone that symbolizes peace and sincerity.

Wear it when you suffer from anxiety and mental turmoil. Best for this purpose is to wear a ring or necklace with amethyst. The energy of the amethyst helps to restore inner harmony.

If you love, wearing amethyst will help to keep longer the love for your partner. The name of amethyst, in translation from Greek means a person who is drunk.

It is believed that one of the abilities of amethyst is to prevent drunkenness. And if you succumb to this defect, Amethyst can get you back on track.


If you wear the stone, framed in silver, it will help for friendly contacts, and business meetings will be always in your favor. If you wear a gold necklace with amethyst, it will return the energy balance of your body.

Drink water, which is stored at night with amethyst, and this will help you fight colds and purify your capillaries. If your nervous system is upset, this stone will help you discipline your emotions.

Amethyst under your pillow helps insomnia. Put it on your forehead and it will expel headaches. In ancient Rome Amethyst was dropped into wine because it was believed that no one can get drunk if the stone is in his alcohol.

Worn near the body, Amethyst enhances cerebral blood circulation, and prevents nerve disruption. If you wear it on the ring finger of your right hand, it will strengthen immunity, but if you wear it in earrings, you will improve your vision.

It is believed that if someone gives you amethyst jewelry, you'll love them. So many people believe that such a gift should not be taken by a married woman if she got it from another, and not her husband.



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