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Pick an Image and We`ll Reveal your Greatest Fear

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Biggest Fear

Believe it or not, the fear you're experiencing is shared by millions of people on the planet and if we don't learn to accept our worries, they will play a negative role in our life.

The problem with fears is that some of them are subconscious. To find out what your subconscious hides, look at the image with the 4 symbols and pick out 1 of them.

Depending on which symbol first catches your gaze you can determine what you are most afraid of.

Peer deeper within yourself via the test used in modern psychology, then look at the corresponding explanation and learn fully about your behavior and spontaneous reactions.

1. Eye

The opinions of others are highly important to you. Even though you manage to easily start conversations with others, the doubt that you haven't presented yourself well and that you'll be critiqued negatively always lingers. Your greatest fear is that you won't be liked and accepted for who you are. As such you're afraid of public appearances and fall into a panic if you feel ignored by the group.


2. Wheel

Your greatest fear is routine. You fall into genuine terror when your daily routine starts to follow a rhythm, hence why you dream that every day be special. But this also shows that you don't have clearly outlined goals, that instead you're always going whichever way the wind blows without knowing what the next day brings. To be truly happy, you'll need to rely more on the sure thing and come up with a specific schedule.

3. Flower

Your greatest fears stem from failure and the unknown. For this reason you rarely risk your security. You're afraid that if you pursue your desires you'll lose what you already have, plus you don't truly believe that you can realize your dreams. In this way you're sabotaging yourself. But the tighter you grasp your solid foundations, the more unhappy you're going to feel.

4. Tree

If you chose the tree, what you're most terrified of is old age. For you, growing old is the same as death itself and even though you don't wish to live forever you do wish you could remain young until your dying day. But like it or not, time flies and it'd be best if you adapted to its tempo by finding the beautiful side to every age.