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Pick an Eye and See What it Reveals About you

Number 4

It is said that the eyes are a mirror into the human soul and that they speak for us when we find ourselves lacking the right words. No matter how much a person tries to conceal facts about themselves, when we look into their eyes we can always find out whether they're tormented by sorrow, bursting with joy or even burning with love.

Eyes are also our main motif in this quick test. To do it, you don't need to answer complex questions, simply pick 1 of the 9 eyes you see in the picture and see what they reveal about you below.

Take advantage of this test and find out something about yourself and a loved one or confirm the impressions you've already built.

Find out what lies deep in your soul right now! Find the answers that you've always sought.

Eye #1

You're the type of person who believes that it's better for a person to have loved and lost, rather than to have never known love. You're sociable and decisive but at times, like anyone, you feel weak and have need of a few kind words and support. Despite this, you don't let your vulnerability show in front of others. As well, you are a warm and kindhearted person, who values friendships and is always ready to lend a hand to a friend in need.

Eye #2

The opinion of those around you is extremely important. Even if you’re ashamed to admit it, you’re more interested in what others have to say about you rather than your own emotions. On the one hand, this helps you build up the perfect image among your social circle but on the other it makes you feel lousy. It would be wise not to let yourself to be so influenced by other’s opinions and begin living the way you would like.

Eye #3

You’re open and honest. It’s difficult for you to contain your thoughts, for you are a ball of emotions and capable of demonstrating the polar opposite sides of your character within the scope of several hours. You’re kind and gentle in one instant, then more dangerous than a wild beast in the next. Due to your temperamental nature, you often get into conflicts but also win yourself many worshipers, who just can’t resist your passionate disposition.

Eye #4

You're the type of person who can spend hours in solitude and contemplation, without feeling any boredom. You have a deep connection with yourself and would love to continue studying your own nature. You are much more mature than your peers and aren’t interested in either the subjects they talk about, or the activities they consider fun and interesting. You enjoy communicating with older persons, as well as debating existential issues.

Number 4

Eye #5

You're quite a defensive and withdrawn person, who prefers to listen to others than to speak. You don’t like to show off, nor make bold promises. Once you’ve decided to act, you do so without unnecessary explanations. As a whole, you hate meaningless chatter and believe that a word spoken is best proven by action. As such, you’re rarely able to express your love through words. But when it comes to action, you have no equal.

Eye #6

If you’ve picked this eye, then you’re likely a person with an eye for details. You enjoy the little things in life and notice even the tiny elements that almost no one else does. At the same time, you stand out with your gentleness and vulnerability, which often cause problems for you in your communication with others. Whenever someone cracks a bit of an ill-suited joke aimed at you, you’re easily affected and bear the quip with you for a long time to come.

Eye #7

Number 7

You live furiously and always on the edge. You want everything as quickly as possible and are ready to risk whatever you hold dearest to achieve it. You're quite extreme and don’t forgive betrayal neither in friendship, nor in love. When you set goals, you follow them without looking back because it’s crucial for you to be 1st in every aspect of your life.

Eye #8

You're a creative individual, prone to eccentric actions. Sometimes you feel misunderstood because the majority of people never manage to see you in the right light. Despite this, you have loyal friends who fully recognize your uniqueness and are ready to support you in every crazy undertaking. Usually, you are inconsistent in love – you fall in and out of love quickly. But if you come across someone as vibrant in nature as yourself, you’re ready to give them all of your heart.

Eye #9

You're a spiritually elevated individual, who realizes that the material isn’t the most important thing in this world. You hate lies, hypocrisy and greed; you desire to live in harmony with everyone. You feel it your mission to help your loved ones and give them moral advice. You love nature and enjoy a strong connection with both animals and plants. You possess a powerful intuition and sometimes even have prophetic dreams.