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Your Birthmark Reveals your Personality and Future! See What it Means


Birthmarks are tied to a wide number of beliefs. According to some occult claims, they are evidence of our past reincarnations. Others claim that they are determinant of our current life and personality traits.

Here is how they are interpreted based on their location:

In men:

- a birthmark on the leg signifies a lack of self-confidence and personal opinion;

- a birthmark on the foot reveals a freedom-loving person, who enjoys going on adventures and trips;

- further, if the mark is on the left foot, it indicates that your dreams will come true but only after working for them;

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- if the birthmark is on the right side of your head, it's going to bring you fame, fortune, luck and happiness. If located in the middle, expect a wild, yet mutual love. And if it's on the left side of your head, it signifies that you have financial problems;

- if there's a birthmark on your ear, expect a serene, carefree and happy life. Things will work out for you even without you putting in much effort;

- if you have a birthmark on your back, it is a sign of qualities such as openness, trustworthiness and naiveness in you. It's likely you're going to be duped many times throughout your life;

- if the birthmark is located on the back of your neck, don't worry - there's a bright future in store for you. But if it's on the front - you're going to go through many hardships;

- a birthmark on the thigh indicates that you easily win the respect and approval of others;

In women:


- a birthmark near the left eyebrow portends of a happy family life, while if it's on the right - family troubles;

- a birthmark on the nose reveals impatience and emotional instability;

- if you have a birthmark on the lips, you likely have a cheerful and good-natured personality. You're great company and an excellent adviser;

- a birthmark near the right breast indicates a woman with an extreme personality, who often changes her position on things and finds it difficult to find the middle ground. A mark near the left breast is a sign of generosity and goodwill, but also a certain degree of frivolity;

- a birthmark on the waist is a sign of fertility in the given woman. The larger and more prominent the mark is, the more children she will have;

- a birthmark on the hand reveals that you possess a talent that will help you achieve your goals;

- a birthmark on the left shoulder denotes financial problems, while one on the right - a magnificent career and prosperity;

- wealth, adventures and love are in store for those ladies who have a birthmark on their ankle.