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Pick a Leaf and See What it Reveals About you


Mother nature is the most talented artist there is. The trees, flowers and landscapes she creates are vibrant, beautiful, romantic and unique.

Every one of her works is remarkable but of course we all have our preferences, liking some plants and not liking others.

These preferences reveal not only our tastes but also certain unsuspecting traits of our character. It is these that our quick test with 5 types of leaves aims to pinpoint.

To complete it, you don't need to spend a lot of time or answer dozens of questions. Simply pick out 1 of the 5 images that catches your eye and then check to see what it reveals about your individuality. Some of you may even be surprised by the results!

Leaf bunch 1


Congratulations! You are confident, sensible and goal-oriented. You believe in your own abilities and know how to use them in order to get what you need. Despite all your positive qualities you never parade around your achievements or show off because you're an exceptionally restrained individual.

You may not realize it but you're actually an idol for many of those around you, who dream of being like you some day. Continue in this fashion - others need the inspiration you instill in them.

Leaf bunch 2

You're energetic, independent and extremely courageous. You have your own viewpoint on all issues and don't try to follow the fads that others impose.

You're not afraid of challenges because you love adventures, so for you it's completely normal to get into risky endeavors. For you, it's important to always follow your heart and to provide love to the most important people around you. In fact they play such a significant role in your life that you'd be willing to take a fall for them anytime.

Leaf bunch 3

You have incredible analytical abilities and this helps you find quick solutions to problems that others find too convoluted. Your acumen stimulates you to aim for high achievements at work, as well as in your personal life.


Perhaps you've already noticed that your friends, relatives and partner appreciate your ability to hear them out and always offer them the best possible advice. Anyone who has you in their social circle is truly lucky indeed!

Leaf bunch 4

You're a calm and happy person, who is not easily outraged or worried by anything. You're familiar with all human weaknesses and troubles but accept them and continue on because you don't have any extra time for drama and complaining.

You see your time on this Earth as a gift from the Universe and try to fill every spare moment with something beautiful and worthwhile. The best part is that you don't need much to feel happy because you value even the smallest of things and know how to fully appreciate them.

Leaf bunch 5

You're curious, speculative and filled with a great desire to try as much from life as you can. You hate boredom and when you feel yourself becoming surrounded by negative people, you tend to create your own little world that's much nicer than reality.

On the one hand this is good because it allows you to maintain your unique optimism. But on the other, it's also a flaw because it prevents you from seeing reality and certain problems of yours.