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Conscious dreaming and what is it?

Conscious dreaming and what is it?

"Although it may seem fantastic, while dreaming, I am in full possession of my everyday abilities. I can think more clearly than ever, are free to recall the vivid details of life and can take conscious decisions. Yet none of that reduces the clarity of my dreams. Paradoxically or not, I'm awake in my dreams." From the diary of a conscious dreamer.

Conscious dreaming is a state of consciousness during which a person sleeps at the same time realizing that they are dreaming. The term "consciously dreaming" or "clearly dreaming" was introduced by the Dutch scientist Frederick Williams Van Eden in the year of 1913. He was one of the first scientists who conducted a serious scientific observation on the matter.

Research of more than 352 conscious dreamers for approximately 14 years ended in 1913 when it is was then submitted to the Society for Psychiatric Research. Before being introduced as the term "consciously dreaming", this state of mind was called differently by different authors: a dream of knowledge (Oliver Fox), somnolence (PD Ouspensky), dreamed truth (Robert Moss), sleep experience, a clear dream, a conscious dream, dream a dream of power, sleep and awake, etc.