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What Infuriates the Different Zodiac Signs?

Plamena M.Plamena M.
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Each zodiac sign is unique and has certain things which drive it up the wall. Here's what can infuriate a person based on their zodiac sign:

Aries - Waiting is something which can literally drive him insane. Waiting in line, waiting on a delivery, or if answers to his questions are delayed - these sort of things will make him lose his mind.

Taurus - He has solid nerves but moving to a new home can put him off his rocker. The whole chaotic process of packing, unpacking and becoming familiar with the new setting angers him to no end.

Gemini - Routine is capable of ruining him. He hates following a schedule and having to be on time.

Cancer - A breakup can devastate anyone but in Cancer's case it's life-threatening. The period of recovery for them is much longer in comparison to that of others and the suffering he experiences can touch anyone's heartstrings.

Leo - They are used to everything happening the way they want it. Whenever someone refuses to dance to their tune they get infuriated, then fall into a deep depression. The drama turns stormy if the person still refuses to do that which Leo is tapping his foot nervously for in anticipation.

Virgo - This is the most organized sign and disorder is the one thing that can make her lose it. One messy bed or unwashed food plate can shake their emotional stability at its foundations.

Libra - The ever peaceful Libra can fall sick if they get into a certain type of conflict. They simply can't handle it. Even long after the incident they feel exhausted and devastated.

Scorpio - Their partner cheating on them can put them out of it for years after the fact. They see it as the worst form of betrayal and if they experience it they become unstable and weak.

Sagittarius - Boredom and routine make them feel bad. He's used to something always happening around him. If this stops, he feels dejected and soon collapses entirely.


Capricorn - The biggest careerists of the zodiac can fall into a wild rage if they are fired. Based on their understanding of life, they must always move forward and if they are fired this quickly tears them away from their orderly reality and they fall apart.

Aquarius - Aquarius doesn't stop looking on the bright side even after he grows up and every injustice is capable of upsetting him. When this happens to him it puts him out of the game for quite some time.

Pisces - Pisces dance to your own tune and any time they are forced to rush or are put under pressure, they go insane. Problems, rushing things and any sort of similar activity are capable of upsetting them beyond reason.