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Four of the Creepiest Places on the PlanetFour of the Creepiest Places on the Planet
04 Feb.
Our planet contains ghostly and cursed places, capable of terrifying even the biggest skeptics. They are so sinister and horrifying, places of such tragedies, that they are no doubt inhabited by ghosts....
Inexplicable Photographs from the PastInexplicable Photographs from the Past
06 Nov.
Nowadays, time and time again we come across photographs containing extraterrestrials, ghosts, witches and all kinds of other bizarre creatures....
Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?Who are the Good and Evil Spirits?
23 Oct.
There are several methods for determining whether the spirit we're sensing and/or seeing is benevolent or malevolent. Firstly is the feeling that we get in the presence of the ghost....
The Truth about HeavenThe Truth about Heaven
26 Sept.
Pain is a natural part of human experience, much like breathing, seeing with your eyes or the flowing of blood through your body. 4....
Spiritualism - quackery or mysticism?Spiritualism - quackery or mysticism?
17 June
Under the strict supervision of several professional photographers he using a foreign camera and plates, still got a ghost image, writes "shock."...
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
On October 19, 2003, Oscar Muñoz found a small object wrapped in dirty rags while seeking artifacts in the ghost town of La Noria....
The Strangest Beliefs about HalloweenThe Strangest Beliefs about Halloween
31 Oct.
They believed that leaving food on the threshold of their homes would cause the ghosts to spare them and would not invade their homes....
The Ouija Board is Controlled by the Collective UnconsciousThe Ouija Board is Controlled by the Collective Unconscious
30 Mar.
The board also comes with a planchette, a special pointer, upon which those seeking answers from the dead place their hands....
Why Does Sleep Paralysis Make you See Demons?Why Does Sleep Paralysis Make you See Demons?
11 Feb.
Sleep paralysis happens most often during nightmares, leading many to become fully convinced that they've seen a ghost, demon or extraterrestrial after they've awoken....
Bloodthirsty Demon Possesses Actress During an InterviewBloodthirsty Demon Possesses Actress During an Interview
13 July
During a TV show, Thippawan Pui Chaphupuang shared on air that she had been visited by the ghost of a cannibal numerous times....
What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?
19 Feb.
Hovering shape in Birmingham - In this case we can't be sure if we're talking about a ghost or the representative of an alien race....
How to Save Ourselves from Chronic NightmaresHow to Save Ourselves from Chronic Nightmares
09 Dec.
Professor of clinical psychology at Düsseldorf, Reinhard Pietrowsky, reveals that throughout his practice he has seen many people that suffer from problems during their sleep....
Dream Meanings According to HinduismDream Meanings According to Hinduism
14 May
Today, science is advanced enough to be able to explain certain aspects of this unique parallel world but there are still many seeking an explanation....
An Unusual Creation of Nature - the 2-Headed SnakeAn Unusual Creation of Nature - the 2-Headed Snake
16 Apr.
Ghosh immediately pulled out his phone and managed to take a few pictures of the phenomenon....
Dreams of Angels and VampiresDreams of Angels and Vampires
21 June
If you dream of a hunchbacked little ghost, it is a very wonderful dream. It is a sign that you'll have success in every undertaking you take up....

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