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A Dose of LSD a Day Gives the Human Brain Superpowers

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A scientific study shows that the human brain gains staggering capabilities when given a dose of LSD a day. It's been proven that when a human uses LSD, all parts of their brain work integrated together, while in a normal state their functions are not connected to one another.

The study makes it clear that one of the most powerful hallucinogenic substances created by man does not affect visual perception alone. It influences all areas of the brain, unifying their work.

For volunteers who took a placebo during the experiment, this effect was absent. Each of the parts of the brain worked independently, without them influencing each other.

During LSD use, scientists have also spotted one of the most impressive phenomena, known as "ego death". Persons on a LSD trip have stated that they felt as though they were separated from their body.

The drug induces the formation of visual images not only through the visual cortex but also through all other areas of the brain.

Participants in the experiment said that they could see even with their eyes closed. Naturally, they weren't seeing reality before them, the images in their head were hallucinations.


"This is why psychedelic substances as a whole and LSD are special. They actually alter consciousness in a fundamental way and as such are very powerful instruments, which can be used to determine the very essence of consciousness, " says Robin Carhart-Harris from Imperial College London.

Director of the LSD tests was David Nutt, neuropsychopharmacologist professor at Imperial College London and former adviser to the Department of Health in the UK, who was fired in 2009 for his criticism of authorities' decision to have tougher punishments for marijuana use.

His team administered 75 mcg to 20 healthy volunteers every day. Their brain activity was photographed using 3 different techniques.

From the article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences it becomes clear why Steve Jobs listed LSD as 1 of the 3 most important things in his life.