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Full Moon in Gemini - What's Most Important Today

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Full Moon

On November 25, 22:44 UTC, we entered the Full Moon phase in Gemini. The energies of the day will aid curiosity, initiative and innovation.

At the same time, during the day it's highly likely we'll be more scatterbrained, unpredictable and buried by information from just about any field. As such, some zodiac signs will be in their element, while for others the day will be quite stressful.

During the 2nd half of the day, it's recommended to avoid situations which can provoke unnecessary tension or inadequate reactions on your part.

The day is suitable for letting go of your prejudices, as well as having fun in the company of friends and meeting new people.

Expression of personal freedom is key when the Full Moon enters Gemini. The Full Moon phase also allows for the realization of projects we've already begun.


We may have more social contacts and have a greater opportunity for seeing and talking with friends. We may tend to spend more during this period - the perfect time to choose holiday gifts for loved ones.

We'll find it easier to write, speak in public, find and absorb new information. Those who work in advertising and make presentations will have a superb day.

In our personal lives, it's advisable to refrain from conflicts and arguments because today they will be completely unnecessary and only worsen the disagreements we have with loved ones.

The Full Moon will require us to enrich our lives, change things around and progress, although these emotions may burden and stress us. So make changes but do so within reason.

Today, it's important not to do anything you're uncertain about, nor gossip more or cause drama. It's also not recommended to purchase anything too expensive or sign important contracts.


On the flip side, you'll think quickly, plus have the support of friends and like-minded people.

Be wary of the information you receive and don't do anything impulsive, led by your emotions on this day.