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Why you Should Never Sleep Across from a Mirror


The mirror is a part of human life and is present in every home. Just count how many mirrors you have at home - in the bathroom, hallway, bedroom and wherever else. But have you ever thought about whether or not the positioning of this object matters?

The mirror is not just a piece of glass in front of which you put your makeup in the morning. Mystics and diviners have long believed it to be a portal to magical worlds. The mirror has other unusual properties - it takes in the energy of the person who gazes into it. As such, they can carry both positive and negative vibrations.

There are some pretty good reasons for why you should never sleep across from a mirror. One of these is that at night, creatures from other worlds look at you through the mirror. These can include guardian angels but also demons as well. When you wake up suddenly and your gaze falls upon the mirror, there's a risk of you seeing one of these and scaring yourself, mystics say.


Now imagine that you're having a horrible nightmare. You wake up in a terrible mood and the first thing you see is your mirror. Your negative vibrations are immediately swallowed up by it and the next time you look into it, the mirror will send them right back at you.

It is because of the mirror's ability to soak up energy and information that it's not a good idea to use ones that have belonged to another person. People often buy furniture from antique stores or get some from their relatives.

Then they use the mirrors and never consider that they are in that way beginning to relive the lives of their previous owners. Oftentimes, old mirrors are the reason why problems that were characteristic of previous generations reappear, such as alcoholism, cheating and other such issues.