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Signs That Show You Knew Each Other in a Past Life

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Past Lives

Sometimes when you meet someone new you get the strange feeling that you already know them. You try to remember where you've seen that person before but just can't seem to find an answer. This could mean that the person is someone you've known in a past life. Here are the signs that indicate you know that individual from a previous life:


If you experience strong anxiety and feel strange when you're around the person in question, then you've definitely come across them in another life.

You complete each other

You finish each other's sentences, understand each other completely, there's no problems or animosity between you - you were linked in some way and now get each other perfectly.


Instant closeness from the very first time you met is a sure sign that you know each other from a past life. You just can't be apart, you talk about everything and share your more intimate secrets - something that you've never allowed yourself to do before.


Besides instant closeness, so too does hostility when seeing a given person mean that you've seen each other in a past life. Feelings of negativity and an extreme unwillingness to communicate with them indicate that they were your enemy and evidently continue to be in this life as well.


Shared interests

Coincidences are among the telltale signs that you were exceptionally close with that person in a former life. You like the same food, love the same kind of music, know the same foreign languages - these are just some examples.

A telepathic connection

It is believed that individuals who were intimate or extremely close in a past life will share a certain telepathic connection in this one. For example, you're thinking of someone and they show up right at that moment. Or you know what they're going to say to you before they even begin.

According to some, if all of these factors are present, the person across from you is your soul mate or the soul of a loved one. Connecting with them makes the person feel fulfilled.