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The 4 Best Manipulators Among the Zodiac Signs

Antonia R.Antonia R.

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The following 4 zodiac signs have absolutely no problem influencing others. They have no need to study techniques for manipulation because these are already inborn in them and they can easily pull the strings of the person they choose.


The kings of manipulation. There is not a single representative of the sign of Scorpio that is unable to emotionally manipulate their partner. They love to dominate their partner and to achieve this task they use psychological tricks to subjugate the other person.

Scorpios always try to control the feelings of others and predict their reactions. Because of this, they don't create long lasting relationships with people who have an excessively strong and independent character, no matter how powerful the physical attraction may be.


For Cancers, controlling others is a walk in the park. They are true masters when convincing the other side of their version of the story. As well, no one can stay angry for them long because they manage to guide their emotions in a more positive direction.


A representative of Cancer knows perfectly well how to present themselves in the best possible light and how to become liked in no time.


Geminis are also skilled manipulators. They can keep their true motivations secret until the very end, while making you believe that they're only thinking of your well-being. Gemini has no qualms about using all possible methods to manipulate you, including lying to you to the end.

Geminis are manipulators more for the fun of it rather than to pursue the peaks of success.


Nothing can stand between Leo and his goals; he manipulates everyone, seeing them as his subjects. Often, for Leos, other people are the tools for them realizing their dreams and they play with them as if they were puppets on strings.