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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - May 30


Today is more favorable for making decisions affecting your love life. If you're feeling undecided, listen to your intuition because it will be razor-sharp and will guide you best of all. Those of you who find yourselves in an exhausting relationship should find solitude and devote yourselves to creative activities and relaxing practices. At the moment, this will provide you more satisfaction than seeing your partner.

Aries - Today your partner is going to find it difficult to understand what you're trying to tell them, even if you feel that everything you're saying is plain and simple. Try not to be upset with them - they are very absent-minded today and find it hard to concentrate. Single Aries can unwind. They've finally managed to attract the attention of an interesting person and it's only a matter of time before they begin a relationship.

Taurus - If you're wondering what course of action to take today, don't ask for advice from friends, listen closely to your intuition instead. You won't go wrong, rest assured. Single Taureans shouldn't waste any more time with people that don't deserve them. Have a little bit more self-respect.


Gemini - Today your partner and their friends are going to try to teach you a lesson, which is something you definitely won't like. But still, the stars remind you that constructive criticism is never in excess, so it's worth taking note. Single representatives of the zodiac sign who have put an end to a past relationship have the opportunity to get their ex back. But to do this they will have to make the first move.

Cancer - A tiny error on your part will make you feel quite guilty in front of your partner. It's best to admit your transgression to them, otherwise the guilt will continue to eat away at you for a long time to come. If you're not taking their attention seriously, show them that you're uninterested, so you don't waste their time.

Leo - Today you're going to enjoy wonderful relations with your beloved. The period is suitable for a declaration of love, plans for the future, discussions about marriage and kids. Single Leos are going to have an argument with the person they're interested in. Don't react furiously because there's a danger of losing their friendship as well.

Virgo - Today you're going to have quite a different opinion from that of your partner, which is why it's going to take you a long time of convincing before they agree to go out with you or partake in a favorite activity of yours. Single Virgos shouldn't let representatives of the opposite sex take advantage of their naiveness and goodness. Try to distance yourself from such people and find worthy company.

Libra - Be very careful toward your partner today. For some reason they will be extremely vulnerable and have a tendency to take even the smallest joke you aim at them the wrong way. Single Libras are going to have an exciting day, filled with twists and turns. Beginning a new relationship is possible.


Scorpio - You're seeing money as too much of a big deal and this is negatively affecting your love life and preventing you from finding a suitable partner. Remember that money isn't a goal but a means and its value is in no way comparable to the love of those we hold dear.

Sagittarius - Major events today will confuse and even trouble you. But the stars assure you that your relationship won't suffer, so there's no need to panic. Single Sagittarii are going to have to work quite a bit if they wish to win the heart of a certain someone because right now they have their eyes on someone else.

Capricorn - Those of you who find yourselves in a relationship are going to have to fight tooth and nail for happiness because your relations are at stake right now. Singles of the sign, on the other hand, are going to be irritable and tactless, and this will easily repel potential partners.

Aquarius - Be careful with your purchases today. Reckless spending is possible, which will annoy your partner and become the reason for arguments between you. Single Aquarians are excessively cold and reserved toward representatives of the opposite sex and this behavior is to their disadvantage.

Pisces - Today it's as if your partner will refuse to peer deep into your problems because they will seem too insignificant. Show them that they're wrong and that your worries are indeed well-founded. Single Pisces are feeling lonely and misunderstood for no reason and due to their dark thoughts they waste key chances for a relationship.