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Benefits and Properties of EmeraldBenefits and Properties of Emerald
15 Sept.
Additionally, it's believed to lower fever, help treat inflammation, fight infections, as well as be beneficial for bladder and urinary tract diseases....
The Function of Animals' TailsThe Function of Animals' Tails
08 June
When jumping from tree to tree, it helps it keep its balance. Some animals utilize their tails like heaters during cold weather....
The power of numbersThe power of numbers
26 Mar.
Six is a symbol of peace and stability. These people are honest and fair. They are safe and know not foolishness. They have discernment and wisdom....
Divination with WaxDivination with Wax
08 July
Vase - a long period of peace awaits you. Fan - a romantic meeting. Scales - a court trial. Fork - someone close to you will betray you. Grapes - you will have luck. Question Mark - insecurity....
Do This Test to Find out Whether you're Capable of Committing MurderDo This Test to Find out Whether you're Capable of Committing Murder
01 Sept.
After you've chosen a tree, check to see what it corresponds to. 1. You're capable of committing murder but only to defend yourself or your loved ones....
Ancient Beliefs Which Science has Proven to be TrueAncient Beliefs Which Science has Proven to be True
09 Aug.
The paper showed that this specific meditation can help prevent and treat many age-related healthy problems....
Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for ScorpioLove in the Year of the Wood Goat for Scorpio
05 Feb.
Scorpios of both sexes will need to add initiative, turn their backs on needless doubts and concerns that don't give them peace and be consistent in their love life....
European New year traditionsEuropean New year traditions
31 Dec.
In Austria, there is an unwritten law of the New Year in Vienna, to ring the bell of peace, which is located in the Cathedral of St. Stephen....
June Horoscope for All Zodiac SignsJune Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs
03 June
Capricorn - Be more peace-loving and diplomatic The 1st summer month will require you to be more peace-loving and avoid conflicts....
Scientists Described the World in 2025Scientists Described the World in 2025
05 July
The methods for harnessing and storing natural energy will also reach their peaks, with the Sun turning into the main source of energy for humanity....
Here`s Why Everyone Should Have an Acorn AmuletHere`s Why Everyone Should Have an Acorn Amulet
01 Dec.
The oak tree is one which even the ancients treated with high reverence and awe. Our ancestors believed that this plant possessed potent magic, capable of filling their lives with ease and happiness....
Ancient Egyptian MythsAncient Egyptian Myths
07 Jan.
He has trees, plants and animals. But he was lonely and so allied himself with his shadow and her son, named Shu, god of wind and daughter - Tefnut, goddess of rain....
Check Your Horoscope for Today - March 14Check Your Horoscope for Today - March 14
14 Mar.
Today, you may end up being a peacemaker among the more emotional people, where by pointing out certain facts you bring peace to the setting around you....
Disgusting Facts about Ancient Rome That We Weren't Taught in SchoolDisgusting Facts about Ancient Rome That We Weren't Taught in School
25 Apr.
It was also common to sell gladiator blood as a medicine, the belief being that it could treat epilepsy. 2....
Removing Evil Forces from your HomeRemoving Evil Forces from your Home
04 Nov.
Of how peace, love and good luck dominate in it. And how no one with bad intentions could ever enter it. Positive thoughts and intentions neutralize evil forces....

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