The Strangers Whose Pasts Remain a Complete Mystery
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The Strangers Whose Pasts Remain a Complete Mystery


Many of the people we meet throughout our lives seem mysterious. Some are particularly dubious due to their behavior and others - due to their past that's shrouded in mystery.

Although they may look completely normal, hardly anyone knows anything about them, where they're from and what they did for a living before. These are exactly the kinds of enigmatic individuals we're going to be exploring today. It's as if they've appeared out of nowhere, without any clues as to who they really are.

One of them is the stranger from the Amazon, who researchers discovered toward the end of the last millennium. When they found him in an enormous hole, he was unable to communicate with them - the reason was the strange language he used.

The man expressed himself in a way that was completely unfamiliar to investigators and they were unable to discern how he ended up in the trap or which locality he belonged to. Try as they might to learn something more about him, his life remained an utter mystery.

Learn about other strangers from the past below.


1. Bella in the Wych Elm

In the middle of the last century, a group of teenagers from the British town of Stourbridge were playing around a wych elm, when to their horror, they came across human remains in the tree. After a subsequent investigation, authorities found that the skeleton belonged to a 35-year-old woman. But they were unable to determine how she ended up there and who she actually was. This tragic case become even more convoluted when more and more instances of graffiti asking "Who put Bella in the wych elm? " began cropping up.

2. The teacher Shushani

Here we have a highly renowned teacher, whose students included author Elie Wiesel himself. Although he was extremely popular in academic circles, Shushani kept his personal details hidden, especially his past. No one was able to find out his real name and why he kept changing his address.

3. Jerome

During the fall of 1863, locals discovered a homeless man with amputated legs on a beach in Canada. No one was able to identify him or find out how he ended up on the sandy beach. The man himself was unable to explain because no one could understand the language he spoke. The only thing doctors were able to learn of the stranger was that his name was Jerome and that his legs had been amputated relatively recently by a very experienced surgeon. Everything else about him remained an enigma, even over the course of the following 5 final decades of his life.



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