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Your Daily Horoscope for October 27

Daily Horoscope

The day isn't going to be particularly fruitful. The Moon will be void of course between 05:23 UTC and 13:00 UTC, so don't do anything important in this period. Use it instead to take a new perspective on things.

In days like these, the stars advise you to carry out only the most urgent and immediate tasks. This way you'll avoid mistakes. Up until 13:00 UTC, deal with only that's necessary and don't share your plans with anyone.

At 13:00 UTC, the Moon enter Aquarius. At that point, you can start handling everything that's important. Don't worry - you have plenty of time before day's end.

In the late hours of the day you're going to make cardinal decisions and change the intentions and views you've had until now. There's nothing wrong with changing your opinions and actions, for you do have to be flexible if you'd like to achieve your goals.


The day is giving you the choice of either starting something new or devoting yourself to an unexpected break. As always, you'll have to manifest as a leader because it's the only thing that makes you feel good. Don't take every comment personally. Be wary when partaking in serious conversations because you may say something you don't really think. If you do, it'll be used against you.


You're entering into a more tranquil phase. This requires finishing up public tasks. Your relationships require more of your attention. Be flexible and fight for your inner peace. Your energy is dwindling - take suitable action. Running or a walk in the park would get the job done.


Today, fate would have you meet people from your past who have played a key role in your personal life. This is going to bring you benefits to your current partner relationships, as long as you allow them into your life. The situation is delicate - be careful.


Your partner is extremely indecisive. Today you're going to have to turn into their support, to encourage or dissuade them from an important step. Their prosperity is entirely in your hands, so be smart about it.


Your ability to get involved in other people's business will come in handy today. The stars demand that you give everything you can to help, support, exhort and reconcile. On a day like this, this won't be an easy task and you're going to feel exhausted. The feeling of a debt paid off will help you remain in a good mood. Recompense won't come right away and won't be in the form you're expecting.


Don't get too involved in whatever's happening, even if it seems unbelievable to you. You're riding the crest of a wave of deep emotions, sent to you by the stars. It's possible that the current situation is unlike anything you've experienced so far. This is causing you a bit of worry but it shouldn't - everything will be fine.


Leave your work and personal life aside today. Your boss and your partner can wait, while taking your destiny in your hands cannot. The day may prove crucial for your life later on. Don't miss this chance under any circumstances.


You feel absolutely self-sufficient and don't think you need anyone else. The word "partner" itself can cause you grief. Think about whether or not it's better for you to live in solitude if you're so convinced that you don't need anyone else. Isolate yourself and think about the possibility in peace.


Some kind of mysterious force has been pulling you like a magnet today. It's best not to tell anyone what exactly you're doing, from the very morning. You want to share with friends but it's not necessary to do this at all costs. During the 2nd half of the day, you're going to wish you could hide your feelings, impressions, sympathies and experiences from everyone. Here we could be talking about a secret love or financial affair.


Today you're going to receive the support of your loved ones. This is going to greatly ease your quite stressful day. The problems have their potential solutions but only if you don't act alone. Stop denying that you've fallen into a difficult situation. If you keep hiding, no one's going to realize that you have need of help. Just talk to loved ones about everything that's on your mind. Even if they criticize you, they'll give you useful advice as well. Ultimately, you will receive the sought-after relief.


Today, all activities that benefit the community will be successful. Don't place artificial limits on yourself - give will to your altruistic impulses and help others. Even if you're not expecting anything in return, the stars will make sure your efforts aren't in vain. Be moderate when having fun and with harmful habits. Decide whether or not it's better to just give them up altogether. Emotions are taking over your day and not just the positive ones. Analyze the situation, come to the right conclusions and make a decision about how to act going forward. Rushing is not recommended.


Today you need to be calm. You inspire everyone not just to make peace but to accept or give apologies. You've long felt the need to stop the quarrels between your loved ones. Be confident that you can do this without effort - it's something you're most capable of at this moment.