Tattoos That Bring Good Luck


It is believed that tattoos can change the character of a person and their fate. Members of ancient tribes would draw specific symbols on their bodies, believing this would alter their energy field, protect them from evil and attract luck.

Today, tattoos have turned into a style trend and few people realize what a key role this kind of decoration can play in their life. Unfortunately, tattoos can affect their wearers not only positively but negatively as well.

Image: Pinterest

If the symbolism of a given tattoo isn't analyzed and considered well enough, there's a danger of it causing harm to the wearer. Keep in mind that body art activates additional energy channels which then become difficult to control.

For this reason, one must never tattoo symbols with a sinister or negative meaning.

If you're seeking good luck and success, you have to pick out tattoos that are known as prosperity magnets. Here are a few examples of such.

1. Peony

A tattoo depicting this beautiful flower will benefit those who are seeking a stable relationship with their partner and dream of better luck in love.

2. Crystals

If you need more positive energy, harmony and balance, this type of tattoo will help you find peace.

3. Water/waves

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A tattoo illustrating water will help you move forward and leave toxic people and events in the past.

4. Four leaf clover

This is one of the most popular talismans. Each leaf is a symbol of something different - faith, love, hope and luck.

5. Dice

They symbolize risk taking. If you're overly timid, uncertain and sluggish, they can encourage you to make decisions faster.