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These Signs Show That you Were Born to Do Great ThingsThese Signs Show That you Were Born to Do Great Things
30 June
There are several signs that show that you stand out from others and are destined for remarkable deeds. If you find yourself in this description, you should devote your time to your big dream. 1. You are independent and...
Dispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramidsDispelled are the myths that slaves built the Egyptian pyramids
22 May
Tombs of the workers are from the time of the Fourth Dynasty and are situated in the shadow of the Great Pyramid....
Could This be Atlantis? The Ancient City of Arkaim Hides a Great SecretCould This be Atlantis? The Ancient City of Arkaim Hides a Great Secret
27 Apr.
The legendary city of Atlantis has long been sought by researchers. Now, the ruins of a lost civilization, found in an unsuspecting area of the world could be the key to the mystery. The problem with lost civilizations...
The Muses in Greek MythologyThe Muses in Greek Mythology
12 Mar.
An inseparable part of Ancient Greek mythology are the Greek Muses. These are the 9 goddesses who embody the arts and inspire creativity with their grace through song, acting, literary gifts, music and dance....
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
Of all the colors in the palette, green tires our eyes the least....
The most famous Greek mythsThe most famous Greek myths
07 Dec.
This is perhaps the most tragic heroic figure in Greek mythology. Among the famous Greek myths is that of Odysseus, which is told at length in Omir's Odyssey....
What do Green Eyes Symbolize?What do Green Eyes Symbolize?
21 Oct.
Green-colored eyes are the rarest in the world. It is estimated that green-eyed people comprise barely 2% of the Earth's population. But what exactly is the symbolism of this uncommon eye color?...
Meaning and Properties of Green AgateMeaning and Properties of Green Agate
16 Mar.
Green agate brings it wearer prosperity, long life, luck and affluence. Its element is Earth. It is said to aid for better breathing and perfect vision. Many use green agate against infertility....
Facts about people with green eyesFacts about people with green eyes
25 Feb.
Check out some of the characteristics of people who have green eyes. Green-eyed people are rare, but they do attract others like a magnet....
What is Grey Magic?What is Grey Magic?
02 May
Before we can discuss what grey magic is, we have to talk about what magic itself is....
What color hair goes with green eyesWhat color hair goes with green eyes
07 Oct.
Dark brown, or even black hair highlight tones in emerald green eyes. The darker colored strands illuminate the dark green crystal elements in green eyes that make them stand out like emerald jewelry....
Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!
10 Oct.
So far, the most widespread assumption was that the green emissions of the "houses" of the dead are due to phosphorus....
Experts Reconstruct Face of Greek Girl from the MesolithicExperts Reconstruct Face of Greek Girl from the Mesolithic
30 Jan.
Experts have successfully reconstructed the face of a Greek girl living in around 7000 BC. Nicknamed "Avgi", which means "dawn" in Greek, she looks quite upset....
Vanished Ancient Greek Island Rediscovered in the Aegean SeaVanished Ancient Greek Island Rediscovered in the Aegean Sea
26 Nov.
The location of the island was described by Ancient Greek historian Xenophon....
Facts about People with Grey EyesFacts about People with Grey Eyes
29 Oct.
But if they should find a serious partner, their final decision may be greatly influenced by their financial state. This is because grey-eyed people hate living in destitution....

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