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A Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of People

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A ghost managed to save the lives of tens of passengers after an incident with an airplane of Thai airlines.

During the investigation of the incident, many of the passengers explained to the Commission of National Airlines in Thailand that they managed to evacuate in time thanks to a mysterious stewardess.

The airplane, belonging the Thai Airways International, took off from the airport at Guangzhou, China but had to make an emergency landing at an airport in Bangkok because of a damaged gear. During landing, the aircraft came off the runway and 13 people became injured during evacuation.

The passengers fell into a panic because there was a danger of fire erupting on the plane. Everyone rushed for the emergency exits and the stewardesses were unable to keep order among the travelers.


A few people were hurt by the sea of pressing bodies, all trying to escape through one of the aircraft exits. Suddenly, a stewardess dressed in traditional Thai clothing appeared.

She calmly urged all passengers to line up and exit the plane. Her presence and advice were effective and the evacuation was completed without anymore incidents of people being seriously injured.

Afterwards, no one was able to witness the stewardess in question. The airline employees claim that all their personnel wear identical uniforms.

Traditionally, all members of the crew dress in traditional Thai outfits after airplane takeoff and again put on their airline uniforms immediately before landing.

The airport cameras showed that all members of the crew were wearing their airline's uniforms during the evacuation.

Mystery and ghost experts confirmed that the apparition was the sign of a woman who had died in a Thai Airways airplane crash in 1998. The mysterious woman had been a stewardess for the airlines.

Another instance has documented how a ghost saves a man from being run over by a truck. The video can be found on YouTube but it's still not clear whether it's authentic or not.