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Fossilized Pterosaur Eggs DiscoveredFossilized Pterosaur Eggs Discovered
07 June
The find in question is of fossilized pterosaur eggs more than 120 million years old, which will allow us to gain new understanding of the flying reptiles' way of life, who inhabited Earth during the time of the dinosaurs...
The five most inexplicable phenomenaThe five most inexplicable phenomena
13 Jan.
Incidents involving unidentified flying objects also can not be explained by modern science....
Secret of the fireballs of the Mekong in ThailandSecret of the fireballs of the Mekong in Thailand
30 Nov.
The phenomenon of flying fireballs is known locally as bangfay phayanak. Each of the fireballs is the size of a chicken egg....
Mysterious stones of IcaMysterious stones of Ica
30 Nov.
On some of the stones are represented people who fly on strange airplanes, but on the others - people who are riding a flying pterodactyl....
Juno Spacecraft Enters Jupiter's Orbit and Will Reveal the Planet's SecretsJuno Spacecraft Enters Jupiter's Orbit and Will Reveal the Planet's Secrets
06 July
The spacecraft was flying at 40 mi (64 km) per second and fired its main engine just minutes before it would have otherwise collided with the gas giant....
Stegomastodon Skull Discovered at Bachelor PartyStegomastodon Skull Discovered at Bachelor Party
23 June
The eggs can reveal the way of life and gender differences of the flying reptiles to scientists....
The Function of Animals' TailsThe Function of Animals' Tails
08 June
They use it as a counterbalance when jumping, sitting, moving, as a navigator when flying or in motion, or for attracting members of the opposite sex. The beech marten, for example, uses its tail like a parachute....
Photographer Captures Mysterious Signs in the SkyPhotographer Captures Mysterious Signs in the Sky
28 Apr.
The flying object which left the mysterious shapes in the sky was able to make 180 degree turns. Jeff has sent his photographs to experts, to discover the origin of the mysterious shapes written in the sky....
A British Pilot Almost Collided with a UFOA British Pilot Almost Collided with a UFO
13 Jan.
"An unidentified flying object, similar to a football, appeared a few yards in front of the cockpit of the airplane. It was a silver, metal construction, " claimed the pilot for the Daily Telegraph....
Overcoming your fearsOvercoming your fears
26 June
The most common fears are of flying, heights, death and enclosed spaces. There are also rare ones, such as the fear of an object. If you think hard, you may recall something that evokes a sense of fear....
The Marree Man - the Phenomenon That Still Remains a MysteryThe Marree Man - the Phenomenon That Still Remains a Mystery
06 Oct.
In mid-1998, an Australian pilot flying over South Australia bore witness to a phenomenon that remains a complete mystery even today....
The Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsThe Most Inaccurate Technological Predictions
14 Oct.
Airplanes - science fiction Throughout his whole life, Simon Newcomb, an American scientist living in the 19th century, held that it was impossible to create flying machines and even if someone did manage to create such...
Mysterious Island has Been Hiding Closed Community for 600 CenturiesMysterious Island has Been Hiding Closed Community for 600 Centuries
12 Nov.
The region has been placed in the red zone for agricultural aircraft, since the islanders are notorious for their habit of shooting fire arrows at low-flying planes or helicopters on reconnaissance missions....
The Stephenville UFO CaseThe Stephenville UFO Case
31 Oct.
"A local farmer said he saw a metal disc, as large as 3 football fields, flying past his house. Another person swore that he was abducted along with his car and dog....
New Geoglyphs Discovered in NazcaNew Geoglyphs Discovered in Nazca
08 Sept.
Eduardo Herrán Gomez de la Torre saw the new motifs by complete chance while he was flying over Nazca. According to him, one of the new geoglyphs reaches 197 ft (60 m) in length and 13 ft (4 m) in width....

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