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About Psychotronic Generators

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Every single audio frequency has a certain effect on the human psyche. For example, 1-2 Hz cause sleepiness. 5-6 Hz provoke uncontrollable fear. Under constant exposure, the brain gradually enters into a resonance and is destroyed.

The frequency between the 5-7 Hz range is called the voice of the sea. Whenever the Earth's crust moves underwater, these earthquakes form a wave which can reach speeds of 500 mi (800 km) per hour. It is these quakes that are called the voice of the sea. Whenever they reach the surface and spread out at similar speeds, this leads to phenomena such as the Flying Dutchman - an empty ship, seemingly full of life just minutes ago. However, a high-frequency wave reached the people on board and, falling into a panic, they jumped overboard.

Military and political organizations have long been familiar with the power of sound frequencies. They use them during demonstrations to sow fear and make people run away.

The effect of low frequencies has been studied extensively. They influence the mind directly, unheard by the human ear. They provoke panic and the desire to be saved.

There is a theory that every human organ functions at a certain high frequency. That is how healers in the past treated all sorts of diseases - by chanting in the specific area in the required frequency. This way, they restored the high-frequency energy in the affected area.

The first subsidies for psi-technologies were given in 1987 in the Soviet Union. They had to do with controlling people's will to make decisions. 3 years later, there was another program subsidized for the remote impact on the psyche.

The first registered psychotronic generator was created by the hypnotist Ivan Kachalin. His device, Radiohypnosis, makes people sleepy using super high frequency waves at distances of up to 31 mi (50 km). It also led to certain mutations in the brains of participants. In 1993, Russia offers the US to familiarize itself with a plasma weapon with 2 energy rays - electromagnetic and laser.


The first psi-generators were developed in the Kiev military defense factory Octava. They were based on the developments of the scientist Beridze, who built the devices for medical purposes. Shortly after refusing to work with the KGB, he dies in an automobile accident and all of his records vanish.

Over the years, the device goes through numerous changes and modifications, as well as tests for effectiveness. Under Sergiyev Posad in Moscow, they positioned a 12-story underground center to use as a genetic weapon. They advanced to the point where they could influence any living creature using only a photograph. Any kind of substance, positioned in a special capsule, could be placed in the body.

The Russian Woodpecker was a series of electromagnetic transmissions that began on July 4th, 1976. Through it, the Russians were able to affect weather, people's minds and communications throughout the world. It was developed based on the Tesla transmitter. It is claimed that this very project opened up a hole in the ozone layer in 1977. It is also claimed to be responsible for the Chernobyl disaster and the project was stopped. This only proved that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant powered the transmissions.

The Americans had not fallen far behind. In 1998, they activated the HAARP project, as well as the network of towers called GWEN. The purpose of these programs was defense but so far there has been no data on such usage. Some believe that the US is using a powerful psychotronic weapon for world domination.

This is done by causing massive riots, bloody conflicts, corruption, addiction, clashes between religions, the takedowns of governments. These indiscriminate tests with geophysical weapons may also explain all of the never-before-seen ecological disasters and cataclysms all over the world.



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