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The Devil's Sea is in the Pacific

The Devil's Sea is in the Pacific

The Devil's Sea division is in the Pacific Ocean between the northern Philippines, the U.S. island of Guam and Japan. Sailors call it the cemetery of the Pacific in which ships and other vessels went missing.

In September 1952 Japan issued three marines to place containers in the mysterious ocean. One of them, Kayo-Marwa, did not return never more. The ship sank in unexplained circumstances, and later his remains were found near the island of Mikura.

In December 1976 going to the Philippines a Norwegian tanker Berge Istria crashed. It is assumed that is was because of an explosion on board.

The winter of the years 1980/81 had been one of the most tragic. Within one week at the Devil's sea, six vessels went missing.

The maritime division is fatal not only for ships but for aircraft. The year of 1998 saw three jets of Air Force of Japan disappear from radar while flying over the Devils Sea. On the 9th October of the same year other Japanese jets also disappeared.

Versions of what caused the disappearance of sea vessels and aircraft are few. One is related to the unexpected occurrence of typhoons and hurricanes. The speed of a typhoon reaches hundreds of miles per hour. This version does not sound very plausible, since none of the cases have reports of missing planes and ships, there are no signals from them for such a disaster.

According to another version of the cause of accidents lays within the coral reefs under the sea in which ships are likely to be shattered. And this version does not sound credible. Ships – well, and airplanes?

The Devil's Sea is in the Pacific

The third version is related to UFO kidnapping them.

And the fourth version states that accidents are caused by processes that occur in Earth's interior. In the crust were found several faults, one of which goes under the seabed of the devil.

In some time the walls of separation faults are accumulated and released into the bowels of the earth energy. Through cracks formed under immense pressure gaseous products out of volcanism in seawater are satisfied.

Because of this fact, it sharply reduces its density, that the court tantivy goes to the bottom.

This version sounds as though most real. Moreover, according to eyewitnesses tell how lively the seas rising, and the ship is going down into the abyss.