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Time is always running, always at the same speed, which can not be changed. But many people, describing dramatic events, say that they felt as if time had stopped.

This is not artistic expression, but truth. Some people have managed to escape bullets, because they have seen in slow motion how they fly to them.

At first glance, this is impossible because the human eye can not perceive objects, flying at the speed of bullets. But witnesses confirmed they saw how a man who suddenly threw himself on the ground with bullets rushing over him.

Stopping time usually occurs in moments of grave danger. People notice falling icicles from the roof before they punch through their head. In such cases, people say that it seemed as if they were falling very slowly, so they had time to pull away.

What actually happens when one has the feeling that time runs in slow motion? Physicists are clear - the events developed in strict time frames.

Just biological processes in the body in critical situations, is accelerated. Nerve impulses are transmitted very quickly, the muscle fibers shrink rapidly, although a person does not realize that.

The passage of time is accelerated in such situations, to one hundred and thirty times. All who have had such an experience, say it happened in silence.

This can be explained quite simply - when the individual is accelerated, at more than a hundred times, the sounds that the ear hears, become infrasounds and can not be heard by humans.

With age, time seems to move faster. Nervousness, fatigue, falling in love also distort the perception of time. The internal clock of humans is affected by temperature too.

When a person is sick and has fever, time starts to draw long. This happens when a healthy person is in conditions of intense heat. If a human cools by three degrees, the time accelerates - take thirty seconds, this person would believe that a minute


Many people perceive the passing of time differently - it depends on the rate of metabolic processes. The differences are related to the production of hormones such as cortisol and vasopressin, which affect the sense of the passing of time.

So when you are together, lovers feel that past minutes, as if they were close to each other a whole day...


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