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Find out the Dark Side of your Nature with This Test

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Our subconscious is a repository of mysteries that house the character traits that our parents and friends disapprove of. We're ashamed of these traits, which is why we've sent them to our subconscious.

And since our conscience and subconscious were shaped in our childhood years, the majority of people don't even remember the events due to which they've renounced certain characteristics of theirs. And even more importantly, they don't know that they possess hidden talents.

If you're not afraid to dig a bit deep, take the test with the image and find out what your dark side is.

This will help you discover hidden traits to your character and hidden talents, which you've shoved aside for whatever reason.

Take a look at the image and choose the 1 item that most strongly attracts your attention. Then, find out its meaning.

1. Swing


The swing symbolizes sexual desires and fun. If it was the one that most attracted your attention, it's possible you've suppressed your need of intimate relations and have a negative outlook on sex. Note that this may lead to cigarette, alcohol, food and other drug addictions.

2. Doll


The doll represents your connection to childhood. It's likely a fear of growing up and maturing has taken root in you, while your desire to return to the most carefree period of your life is high. You're having issues with taking responsibility and being serious.

3. Opened can of paint


If the opened can of paint caught your eye, you're a person who regularly restrains their emotions. But inside you feel that it's nigh time to express them in some way and show the world your personal outlook on life.

4. Closed can of paint

Closed Paint

Your dark side is one of an anxious and aggressive person, who sees a problem at every turn. You may be trying to hide this from others and walking around with a wide smile on your face but if you don't find a vent for your anger it's going to cause you severe problems.

5. Bike


The bicycle symbolizes your need for balance and for exploring something new - a setting, values, people. You may be living a routine life but inside you lies an adventurer, who needs constant changes and to set new goals.

6. Basket of apples


The basket of apples symbolizes your need for knowledge and achieving personal goals. You require new information and personal achievements in order to be happy - the more you suppress these needs, the more they'll express themselves negatively.

7. Nails


The nails indicate that you feel like you're being targeted, while others are constantly attacking you. It's likely difficult for you to stand up for yourself. You're afraid when you find yourself facing the group alone but you have to charge yourself with courage because hiding is pointless.

8. Helmet


There's a warrior hiding inside you but for some reason you're afraid of letting him out. You may have had your impulsiveness reprimanded when you were a kid, which is why you're trying to be more reserved in your behavior now. But if you show the world what kind of heroism you're capable of, you'll win a lot more respect.

9. Books


As a symbol of knowledge, books show that you're still learning. In the dark corners of your subconscious there hides a person wondering what the point of their life is and how to live fully.

10. Hammer


The hammer symbolizes violence and the desire to do something through the use of physical force. This choice shows that you're facing an internal conflict and are wondering whether to completely change the setting you're currently living in or to accept it.

11. Masks


The masks symbolize your emotions, while picking them signifies that you often act the way others expect you to. You're afraid to express your feelings clearly and opinion outright, always finding an indirect course.

12. Painting


The painting symbolizes stability and consistency. Even if you say that money isn't a priority for you, the truth is you'd never feel happy if you're not financially secure. For some reason you've turned your back on the part of your character that enjoys the material world.

13. Wheel


The wheel demonstrates that you don't feel like you're advancing in your tasks, quite the contrary - you've the impression that you're going around in a circle. It's time to put an end to this cycle by undertaking a drastic and needed change, instead of dealing with the same thing every day.

14. Sausages


If the sausages hanging on the wall caught your eye the most, it's likely you have concealed health problems. Usually you concentrate on the pleasant side of life and avoid unpleasant conversations, such as those related to your health.

15. Bars


The bars show that inwardly you feel lonely and rejected by others. You're unable to fit in, which could lead to anxiety and depression if you do not develop your social skills.

16. Ladder


The ladder symbolizes your desire to achieve something that you'll be proud of. A number of obstacles may appear before you but do not give up on your goals and do give in temporary circumstances.

17. Boxes


The boxes indicate that you have secrets you do not want others to find out about. It's likely there are subjects you avoid at all costs because you do not want to reveal sides of your character you believe you'll be judged for.

18. Broom


Inside you hides a person who has a strong need of a relationship and love. Look for someone whom you can be completely open with, as well as intimate with both physically and emotionally. You won't be truly happy until you meet your soul mate.

19. Chair


The chair signifies that you feel stressed and unsatisfied from your daily routine at the moment. You may not feel stable enough in the emotional or material aspect or you may need a vacation because you work too much.

20. Broken mirror

Broken Mirror

The mirror symbolizes the way you see yourself and since it's broken it illustrates that you have some reservations toward your outer appearance. You need a change in terms of your clothes, haircut, makeup or weight, in order to feel better.

21. Pliers


The pliers indicate that you've long been postponing the act of making an important decision, which your future depends on. And even if you've made decision, you're not doing much to achieve results. Your choice shows that it's time to get a hold of yourself and take action of some kind.